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NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)

  • 1 year

  • NADE

  • G300-3F

  • China

  • laboratory, industry, Other

  • 0.07-0.24mPa, Low Pressure

  • Peristaltic Pump

  • 9.6/13.7mm

  • AC220V±10%/120W,50~60Hz

  • Other

  • Electric

  • max.5500ml/min

  • 0 to 300.0 rpm, reversible(CW/CCW)

  • IP65

  • AC220V±10%/120W,50~60Hz

  • Liquid pumping

  • Other

Product Description


The price we posted is for G300-3F+YZ35-13, if you prefer other pump heads, please contact us for new price.

- Using aluminium alloy housing with anti-corrosion paint treatment, the pump has good corrosive resistance and longer life time in corrosive environment.
- With good electromagnetic compatibility, the pump will not behave unacceptably in the EMI environment and will not interfere with other electronic equipment.
- With high IP rating, the pump could be used in wet and dusty environment.
- Using high quality electronic components, optimizing software design and circuit design, the pump provides long-term reliable and stable operation.
- With precise speed control in 0.1rpm resolution (3000:1 speed control range), and flow rate calibration function, the pump has more accurate flow rate.


- Speed: 0rpm-300rpm, CW/CCW
- Speed Resolution: "0.1rpm resolution within the speed of 0-100rpm
- 1rpm resolution within the speed of 100rpm-300rpm"
- Display: LCD
- Control Mode: Keypad control, external signal control and communication control
- Work Mode: Flow rate mode or dispensing mode
- Flow rate mode: Flow rate is displayed and the pump runs continuously at the set flow rate
- Flow rate calibration: Improve the flow rate accuracy
- Flow rate setting range: 1.000mL/min-9999mL/min
- Dispensing mode: The pump dispenses continuously according to the parameters: dispensing volume, cycles, interval, back suction.
- Dispensing calibration: Improve the dispensing volume accuracy.
- Dispensing Volume: 0.1mL-9999L
- Dispensing cycle: 0-9999
- Interval time: 1sec-99.9min
- Back Suction: 0-9.9 revolution,resolution is 0.1 revolution
- External control: "Start/stop control, direction control:voltage level signal, 5V or 12v
- Speed control:0-5V,0-10V,0-10kHz are optional with uniform interface"
- Pump status output: "1 OC gate signal for start/stop, 1 OC gate signal for direction.
- 125Hz-7500Hz pulse signal for pump speed 0.1rpm-300rpm (linear function)"
- Communication interface: RS485
- Power-off memory: Return to previous status when power on
- Footswitch control: The pump could be start/stop controlled by footswitch accessory.
- Dimension(LxWxH): 360mm×215mm×243mm
- Power Supply: AC220V±10%/120W,50~60Hz
- Operating Temperature: 0℃—40℃
- Relative humidity: <100%
- IP rating: IP65
- Weight: 12kg

Functions and Features:


Pump Drive Type:G300-3F

Pump head


Flow Rate ( */min)








We have different pump head models, please choose 1 or more among above list.

NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)

Other parameters:

Customized Industrial Peristaltic Pump:

G300-3F-1 and G300-3F-2 are both customized products based on G300-3F, which could drive the most common industrial pump heads in the market, could have special work mode, external control function, tubing leak detection, etc.

Tubing Specifications:

Contact information

NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)

Packaging & Shipping

NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)

Company Information

NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)

NADE G300-3F Industrial Peristaltic Pump(0~5500ml/min)