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Small orbital shaker offers big help in your lab

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-31      Origin: Site

Where to find a compact size orbital shaker to handle various vessels in your lab with long service life?

Surely our new shaker can help you!

NADE 2KG 200rpm Orbital shaker

Q: What can NADE new orbital shaker do?

A: Orbital Shaker is an general lab shaking equipment for applications like bacterial suspension, solubility studies, growth of bacteria and yeast, extraction procedures, washing procedures, diagnostics tests, hybridization, general mixing, staining & destaining, mixing, and extracting.

It is suitable for almost are ideal for almost any vessel from micro-centrifuge tubes through petri dishes and microplanes to conical flasks.


Q: What are the features of NADE new orbital shaker?


  • Independent LED display for speed and time 

  • Compact footprint

  • Provides smooth and uniform shaking

  • speed range 40-200rpm

  • Continuous or timing(1min-19h59min) operation modes for choice

  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor, long service life

  • Over speed detection and protection

  • Wide range of optional platform for flasks, and other popular vessels

Q: Are there more detailed parameters of this shaker?


Work plate Dimension [W×D] 268×268mm
Orbital diameter 20mm
Max.Load capacity (with platform) 2kg
Speed range 40-200rpm
Speed display LED
Timer display LED
Time settings range lmin-l 9h59min
Motor type DC motor
Protection class IP21
Voltage 100-240V,50/60HZ
Power 20W
Motor input power 20W
Motor output power 16W
Dimension[W×D×HJ 294×348×l23mm
Weight 3.1kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40℃,80%RH

Q: What is the standard configuration?

A: shaker with SK180.4 Dish Attachment with non-slip mat

NADE Orbital shaker with non slip mat

Q: How can I buy it?

A: Send inquiry to get promotion price now! NADE accepts wide payment methods.

Tips: offering below information can help you get a quicker & detailed offer:

  • your ordering quantity

  • destination city and postal code (if there is)

  • for distribution or for own use

More pictures:

two screen display of NADE orbital shaker