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NADE 200L Strong Power Brushless Motor Touch Screen Adjustable Height Lab Mixer with wheels

  • Paddle

  • 200 L

  • 200 L

  • 200L

  • 52 KG

  • New

  • Liquid, laboratory

  • China

  • NADE

  • 220V

  • 905*900*1460 mm

  • 2.2 kW

  • 1 YEAR

  • Easy to Operate

  • laboratory

  • No service

  • None

  • None

  • Ordinary Product

  • Not Available

  • Not Available

  • 1 Year

  • Other

  • No overseas service provided

  • Max: 200L H2O

  • 50~2000rpm

  • 1~6000 min, or continuous

  • 54cm

  • 50cm

  • Brushless DC Motor

  • YES

  • IP40

  • 1500W

Product Description


The AM 1000 high-power brushless mixer is driven by a brushless DC motor and is suitable for mixing low-to-medium, high-viscosity liquids in the laboratory. The machine has low speed operation, super torque output, low noise, and no maintenance. The stirring speed is controlled by the microprocessor. It can instantly and effectively compensate the speed change caused by the load change and power supply voltage fluctuation, and the constant speed is reliable. Built-in automatic overload protection device to ensure the safety of continuous high-load continuous operation for a long time; touch control makes experiment operation easier. The stirring speed is adjusted steplessly to meet the stirring speed at any time in the experiment.The digital display shows the changing trend of setting and actual output stirring speed and speed increase and decrease to ensure the intuitive collection of experimental data.Running timing control ensures that the time of the experiment is effectively controlled. The stable stirring speed of the machine is suitable for stirring high viscosity media and slurry.

Rated voltage
AC 220 V
Rated frequency
50\60 Hz
Input power
2200 W
Output power
1500 W
Drive type
Brushless DC Motor
Rated torque
Peak torque
Work mode
S1 (Continuous)
Operation status display
Operation control method
Touch screen control mode
Speed adjustment range
50~2000 rpm
Speed control type
Timing control range
1~6000 min
Column lifting stroke
50 cm
Speed dynamic detection function
Speed trend curve function
Speed memory function
Overload protection
Stir bar fixing method
Shortcut chuck
Rotary clamp head range
Φ3~16 mm
Stirrer configuration
Dissolving paddle
Processing capacity (H2O)
200 L
Treatment viscosity
100000 mPa.s
Allowable ambient temperature
Not more than 40 ℃
Allowable relative humidity
Not more than 80 %
Protection level
IP 40
Machine size
905×900×1460 mm
52 kg
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