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NADE 40L High Quality Laboratory Electrical Overhead Stirrer AM300S-P

  • Paddle

  • 40 L

  • 40 L

  • 40L

  • 8 KG

  • New

  • Cosmetic

  • Liquid, Medicine Processing, laboratory

  • China

  • 220V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ

  • 215*310*720

  • ISO

  • 0.51 kW

  • 1 Year

  • Easy to Operate

  • laboratory

  • Video technical support, Online support

  • None

  • None

  • Hot Product 2019

  • Not Available

  • Not Available

  • 1 Year

  • other

  • No overseas service provided

  • 50-40,000 ml

  • 100-1800 rpm

  • 510W

  • 300W

  • 100000 mPas

  • 300W

Product Description

We provide a wide range of stirrer/mixer/agitator/homogenizer,

paddle can be customized as your requirement,

pls enquiry us for more details.


The stirrer can stir high viscosity medium or thick liquid and stirring speed can be regulated easily during operation. The stirrer is an ideal device in the field of biological material, physics and chemistry, reagent, building material, cosmetics and health products etc. for products developing, quality control and material testing.

Main features:

l AM series lab mixer has compact design: the head machine includes micro-driven motor, controller and the moment institutions and other components.

l Widely suitable for the laboratory of low to medium and high viscosity liquid mixture mixing.

l AM Series Mixers adopt high quality engineering plastics for the body, runs more stably, more safe for using electricity(has better insulativity).

l Output torque is multiplied by using variable speed force.

l speed controller IC all constant speed detection technology, can be immediately effective compensation arising from the variation of load and power supply voltage fluctuation speed, internal soft - start, automatic overload protection, and the whole process of constant power compensation and other features.

l Models with " H " show speed directly, easy to record experimental data.


1. Brushless Direct Current Motor.

2. Widely used in laboratory for mixing and dispersing material of solid-liquid, liquid-liquid, in different viscosity from low to high.

3. Suitable for a wide range of material with different stirring paddle and different speed.

4. Stable and constant operation.

5. Overload protection.

6. Long time running.

7. High effective in speed control.

8. Easy operate and easy clean easy maintenance.

9. Models with H have function of digital display.




Rated Power Supply

AC 220 V 50 Hz

Input Power


Output Power


Rated Torque


Working system


Speed display

NO display

Rating Speed Control


Range of Speed

50-1800 rpm

Max viscosity


Capacity (H2O)


Permission ambient temperature

≤ 40 °C

Permission Relative humidity

≤ 90 %

Contact information

NADE 40L High Quality Laboratory Electrical Overhead Stirrer AM300S-P

Packaging & Shipping

NADE 40L High Quality Laboratory Electrical Overhead Stirrer AM300S-P

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