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NADE autocalibration VIS Spectrophotometer 723PC

  • 1 year

  • other

  • Zhejiang, China

  • NADE

  • 723PC

  • 455*430*220 mm

  • 19kg

  • NO

  • 325 to 1100nm

  • Single beam, C-T type, 1200 lines/mm grating

  • Tungsten lamp (socket type, 20W/12V)

  • 2nm

  • ±1.0nm (Auto-calibration when starting)

  • 4.3" color LCD, touch screen

Product Description


1.This product is an intelligent single-beam visible spectrophotometer, with strong analysis and high sensitivity. Can meet many analysis test industry and higher education, is one of the necessary analysis of the conventional instrument.
2.Automatic wavelength, keyboard input, wavelength set and more rapid transformation.
3.Single-point curve calibration and multi-point curve calibration (up to 12 points)
4.Calibration curve fitting, directly read concentration, can save 50 curve parameters.
5.Display of concentration data with up to 200 sets of data storage
6.Dark current calibration / wavelength calibration/system clock management
7.USB data communication
8.Data-processing software UV-Solution 2.0


1. Quantitative Test: Measure samples the transmittance T, absorbance A and energy. Automatically set wavelength, automatic aero 0abs/100%T, can save 200 test records, can connect external micro printer to print spectrogram and data.
2. Standard Curve Method Test: first order be zero, the first-order linear standard curve test. Can build up to 12 standard curves for the prototype, the concentration results directly, can save 50 curve parameters, can save as many as 200 test records, can connect external micro printer to print spectrogram and data.
3. Parameter Method Test: user input line working parameters K and B, the concentration results directly show, and connect external micro printer to mapping and data report.
4. System Set: light source management, the system clock management, dark current correction, wavelength calibration, light wavelength switch Settings, version information function.

Optical System
Single beam, C-T type, 1200 lines/mm grating
Silicon photo diode
Light Source
Tungsten lamp (20W / 12V)
4.3” color LCD, touch screen
Spectral Bandwidth
Wavelength Range
325~1100nm (step interval 0.1nm)
Wavelength Accuracy
±1.0nm (Auto-calibration when starting)
Wavelength Repeatability
T:-1.0 ~ 200.0%T , A:-0.5 ~ 3.000 A, F:0 ~ 9999, C:0 ~ 9999
Transmittance Accuracy
Transmittance Repeatability
Stray Light
≤0.2% T (360nm)
Dark Current≤0.2% T Light Current≤0.5% T
Baseline linearity
Date Output
Power Requirement
220V±10% 50Hz 120VA
455×430×220 mm
Gross Weight
Net Weight

UV-Solution 2.0 Software Function Introduce:

1.Quantitative Test: Quantitative test curve calibration: Can make first-order, second-order and third-order standard curve fit measurement. Establish standard curve through 20 standard samples. Measurement is available under single wavelength, double wavelength and three wavelengths.
2.Parameters Calibration: Can make first-order, second-order and third-order standard curve fit measurement to calibrate curve parameters. Can choose single wavelength, double wavelength or three.
3.Data out-put: Data can be exported as a txt or bmp file for edit.
4.Dynamics measurement: Time scan, the test time could be 7 days. Sampling time could be optional (0.5,1, 2,5,10,30,60), could save 10000 test datas.
5.Wavelength scan: Use scanning increment (0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2,5nm) to scan sample in any wavelength range, data processing.
6.Multi-wavelength test: Up to 15 testing wavelength point.


We also provide cuvette for spectrophotometer, glass/quartz/plastic(disposible) at different size.

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