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K-8000 Handheld Alloy Analyzer

Operating temp requirements: -20~50℃
Operating humidity requirements: 10~90% (no condensation)
Excitation source: High-power high-performance X-ray microtube
Detector: Si-pin detector
  • K-8000

  • NADE

  • 1

  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description


K-8000 handheld alloy analyzer is a standard configuration instrument, which is mainly used for on-site nondestructive, rapid and accurate analysis and detection of alloy elements and alloy brand identification. Quickly analyze the contents of more than 25 elements from magnesium (mg) to uranium (U):Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Pb, Bi, Zr, Nb, Mo, Pd, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, etc.

K-8000 handheld alloy analyzer (hand-held X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) focus on a number of technologies such as photoelectronics, microelectronics, semiconductors and computers. It is a hand-held alloy analyzer using a new large-screen high resolution LCD screen and a new digital multi-channel data processor. The ultra-low detection limit makes the performance of the handheld analyzer comparable to that of desktop computers. The instrument is small in size and light in weight, and can be carried around for measurement. It is suitable for the analysis of various types of alloy samples.


* One key on-off operation, no redundant action required;
* Automatically calibrate the instrument without manual operation;
* Start the machine for 45 seconds and test the card number and data for 0.8 seconds;
* One button sample detection function, software automatic timing lock and automatic stop test function;

* When it is judged that there is no sample in front of the test window, the X-ray will be automatically turned off within 2 seconds.

Performance advantage:

▼More convenient operation
1. Light weight, small size, ergonomic handle design, equipped with special instrument cover, easy to grasp, more convenient to use in the field.
2. HIGH-DEFINITION screen, support multi-point control, any light can be clearly displayed.
3. Sealed integrated design, with waterproof and dust-proof function, can be used continuously in bad environment.
4. No need to prepare samples, can be directly treated to test the surface of the object. The instrument can be hand-held for rapid testing, or the test seat can be used for a longer period of fine testing of the sample.

▼More excellent performance
1. Non-destructive rapid testing, alignment is measured, can report the results and alloy brand in one second. Performance comparable to desktop, detection effect is fast and accurate.
2. Simultaneously detect magnesium, aluminum, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, titanium, vanadium, chromium, manganese, iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gallium, germanium, zirconium, niobium, molybdenum, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, indium, tin, antimony, hafnium, tantalum, tungsten, rhenium, platinum, gold, lead, bismuth, can be customized to add elements according to customer needs.

3. Ultra-near light path design, the instrument does not need to fill helium, can detect elements from Ti, can fully meet the needs of specific users.



√ Product application:

1. It is used for on-site non-destructive, rapid and accurate analysis and detection of alloy elements and identification of alloy grades.
2.  Quickly analyze the content of more than 25 elements ranging from titanium (Ti) to uranium (U).

Industry application:

* Noble metal alloy
* Iron and steel smelting
* Scrap metal recovery
* Machinery manufacturing and processing
* Boiler pressure vessel
* The space industry
* Shipbuilding



K-8000 handheld alloy analyzer



Environmental requirements

Temp: -20~50℃

Relative humidity: 10~90% (no condensation)

Workplace: should be no strong magnetic field, strong vibration source and high-frequency
equipment around

Excitation source

High-power high-performance X-ray microtube

Higher X-ray count rate, the inner shell of the instrument is sprayed with conductive silver paint and circuit board electronic shielding cloth to prevent electromagnetic interference and stabilize element resolution design. The PLUS

version has a built-in calibration block, no external standard is required, and automatic energy calibration verification


Si-pin detector


A single filter

Standard piece

Swiss motor, built-in 316 standard piece/window protection cover

Calculation method

KMX-FP non-standard sample test method, supports empirical coefficient method correction


Computer processor& operating software

Windows CE6.0 system (the latest version), 

WiFi sharing hotspot function, 

high resolution TFT industrial-grade color HD touch screen.

9. Heat dissipation

Large area of aluminum alloy and human silica gel application, heat dissipation area is 1/3 more than peers.

10. Touch or pull the trigger to control the start of the test. There is no need to pull the trigger for a long time during the test. According to customer requirements, the sample can also be tested by pressing the trigger all the time.

11. Safety

Trigger lock function, can set the lock time. When turned on, neither the touch nor the trigger can perform operations


12. Battery

Original 7.2V high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, you can check the power directly at the bottom without pulling the battery; 1 lithium battery is standard

13. Film window replacement

Window film can be easily Replaced without tools

14. Data display

Elements can be displayed in order or not according to test requirements


15. Data storage

4GB embedded storage, Standard 32 GB Micro SD card, which can store 300,000 sets of data and its X-Ray spectrum, and can expand the storage capacity

16. Data export

One is to directly export data through the SD card or U disk of the storage device; One is to export data through PC software.

17. Data format

PDF or Excel format, including element content, atlas, image, etc., and a variety of templates for selection

18. Data transmission

Micro SD card, USB, WIFI, Bluetooth, cloud disk; Has WIFI/ Bluetooth adapter

19. Hot swap technology

Large capacity capacitor, support not shut down, directly replace the battery

Main configuration:
* 1 instrument
* One box
* 2 batteries
* 1 charger
* One copy of paper manual
* One standard piece for 316
* One anti-fall wristband
* One SOFTWARE data backup USB disk
* 2 pieces of window film