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K-600 Portable Ore Analyzer

Excitation source: High-power miniature straight plate X-ray tube
Filter: Tow filters are configured
Test method: Basic parameter method
Operating system: Window CE 6.0 operating system
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Product Description

K-600 p6

The K-600 Portable Ore Analyzer is rugged enough to perform analytically demanding applications in extremely harsh environments. The K-600 can be used for on-site analysis of a variety of different types of ores. The mature X-ray tube analysis system that has passed the field test has no radioactive isotopes, and can make a fast and comprehensive study of ore types during field analysis. The requirements for samples are low, but the test results are accurate, and high-concentration samples can be accurately analyzed, avoiding the need for Confirmatory
laboratory tests.
The K-600 handheld ore analyzer can perform multi-element analysis of various ores, and is widely used in the detection and analysis of various ores, as well as in slag refining analysis and archaeological research. Including Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Zinc, Nickel, Molybdenum, Iridium, Arsenic, Lead, Titanium, Antimony, Manganese, Vanadium, Iodine, Sulfur , Potash, Phosphate, Uranium, etc. All natural ores, slags, rocks, soils, muds from phosphorus to uranium. The samples to be tested can be tangible objects such as solids, liquids, dusts, powders, solids, fragments, filtered substances, thin films,etc.
K-600 Handheld Ore Analyzer (handheld spectrometers) introduces digital multi-channel technology, which makes the detection limit lower, the stability is higher, the application area is wider, and the performance is comparable to that of a desktop computer; its small and portable size is used in prospecting, prospecting and multi-element detection and detection of various geological mineral samples. It plays a full role in analysis and slag refining analysis, making prospecting work simpler and easier.

XRF data modeling technology:

1. X-ray tube light source, multi-beam filtering technology, and HP personal digital assistant technology (HP palmtop computer), so that its detection range, detection speed, detection accuracy are excellent, and it has excellent upgrade potential.
2. The advanced and multi-purpose X-ray data mode is used - the Compton normalization correction method is adopted, and the "internal standard" can be used for quantitative analysis without special correction.
3. Basic parameter analysis: semi-quantitative analysis method is adopted, which is suitable for testing samples with uneven structure density composed of various elements.
4. Experimental calibration method: use "calibration curve" for calibration, allowing to use the calibration curve generated by the user.
5. Equipped with spectral high point recognition software, the spectrum can be viewed on the display screen.
6. Compare the spectrum and complete the comparative analysis with reference to the built-in standard.

Application advantages of geology and mining industry:

* Detection elements: The standard configuration can detect more than 30 elements, and can be added according to customer needs
*Professionalism: special analysis software for ore, using intelligent one-key test
1) Personalized work mode
A variety of ore sample mode selection and unlimited number of modes can be added freely, and the working mode can be customized according to customer needs.
 2) Fully exploit the value of the mine
* The high-definition camera can observe the detected ore veins or ore points more intuitively, and accurately manage and control the mining process, and detect the ore grade at any time.
1) Accurate and rapid analysis of raw ore, concentrate and tailings in the process of beneficiation, to provide value judgment basis for the determination of ore grade, mineral trade, processing and reuse.
2)  Environmental monitoring
Monitor and detect heavy metals in the soil around the mining mine, evaluate the restoration of the mine environment, and monitor the environment around the mine to the greatest extent possible.

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The main purpose:

Handheld ore analyzer for rapid analysis and determination of non-ferrous metal elements in mining, geology, soil environment, sediment and sediment.



K-600 Portable Ore Analyzer


Detecting elements

Can be used for metal elements in ores and soil environments, such as Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Hf, Ta, W, Hg , Se, Au, Br, Pb, Bi, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Re, Ir, Pt, Hg, Ru, Rh, Pd and other elements. (Red is SDD detector configuration)



American Moxtek Si-pin (6 mm2),
American Amptek Si-pin (25 mm2),
German KETEK SDD detector

Excitation source

High-power miniature straight plate X-ray tube, W target, 4W high-power X-ray tube, tube voltage 50KV, tube current up to 100μA

Using KMX technology, higher X-ray count rate, ultra-low electronic noise design.
Before each test, no external standard is required, and automatic energy calibration check is performed


Tow filters are configured, which can be automatically switched according to the test elements

Test method

Basic parameter method, support empirical coefficient method correction

Touch or pull the trigger to control the start of the test. There is no need to pull the trigger for a long time during the test. According to customer requirements, the sample can also be tested by pressing the trigger all the time

Operating system

Window CE 6.0 operating system, safe and secure


Can automatically diagnose hardware, software, network, battery, etc., and generate logs to facilitate rapid troubleshooting

Standard mode

Ore mode

Optional mode

Alloy analysis mode, soil analysis mode

Main configuration requirements:

1. 1 set of ore analyzer host;
2. 1 standard sample;
3. 2 original rechargeable lithium batteries;
4. Charging stand and power cord;
5. U disk (32G) 1;
6. 5 pieces of reinforced polypropylene film;
7. One standard portable moisture-proof and shock-proof box.