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A5 Fluorescence spectrum analyzer

Working Principle: Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence
Internal measurement chamber dimensions: dia100*75mm
Overall resolution: ≤160eV
X-ray receiver: SI-PIN detector
  • A5

  • NADE

  • 100V~240V

  • 1

  • 1 year

  • China


A5.pngPrecious Metals Detection X-ray Spectrometer is a high-precision XRF analyzer designed for the detection of precious metals and jewelry. The measurement process takes only a few seconds; The measurement results are shown in % and carats.

The XRF Gold Analyzer can also be used to test coatings and non-standard alloys. The instrument can be operated using an embedded display or OUR software installed on a PC. A CCD camera is used to accurately locate the sample.The automatic variable collimator, the size of the measuring point can be selected freely.

A5 is the latest XRF gold analyzer with high stability and faster processing HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor). Our New Generation tech is improved for better stability and accuracy for wide range of Au (Gold) samples and also Ag Pt based Jewellery samples. Specially designed Integrated Industrial grade PC and Chipset ensures very high data transmission between the DSP and Processor for reducing the Data loss and Transmission time.

Results are more stable and accurate and better than fire assay standard to detect Prohibited elements like - Ir, Ru, Re, Os, etc.

A5 occupies 30% lesser space than the current range of gold tester. Also its special electronic lock forbids user from intervening the testing process. Large testing chamber guarantees testing of almost all types of Jewellery without any compromise.

Cloud technology enable system provides Centralized data and Instrument monitoring for Businesses with Multiple branches and when instruments are spread in various locations.


v Hallmark Centre

v Testing And Assay Center

v Refinery and Exchange / Badlaa

v Jewellery Manufacturer

v Bullion

v Jewellery Showroom



1. High accuracy, fast detection speed, wide range of applications

2. All metal body, stable and durable

3. The instrument has a one-key test function, which can be started after the sample setting is completed

4. The test results can be viewed simultaneously and in real time during measurement, which is practical and convenient

5. Integrated design, small footprint, easy to carry and manage

6. Adding radiation-proof devices to actively protect the safety of operators




Working Principle

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence



External dimensions


Internal measurement chamber



Weight (bare)

About 38kg

Overall resolution


X-ray detector

X-ray receiver

SI-PIN detector

Energy resolution

(Mn element Kα line half height width)


Standard detection



Software configuration

XRF measurement software system. Menu-style

software, with hardware parameter adjustment

and data evaluation and calculation system,

including experience coefficient method and

basic parameter method, in addition to

displaying the percentage of metal purity, it can also display the K value of jewelry; the

printing format of the calculation report is

diversified and fully meets the requirements

Customer's various forms of printing requirements

Element measurement range

Maximum measurement of 72 elements from Al

(13) to uranium (92). 18 elements can be

analyzed in a single pass, capable of

analyzing complex alloys such as yellow

platinum with iridium, tungsten and cadmium


Hardware Configuration

Requires external computer operation, supports

label printers, thermal printers, standard ordinary printers, and digital balances.