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TYD-1 Soil Hardness Tester

Indicative scope of hardness: • 0 40 mm, • 0500 Kg/Cm2

Outline dimension:275mmX76mmX50mm.

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Product Description

The TYD-1 type of soil hardness is to directly measure the soil hardness by the theoretical value Kg/Cm2 of the pressure gauge.

It is very convenient and accurate for this soil hardmeter to investigate and study the soil permeability, aeration and soil properties of large machinery operations.


This instrument is mainly used for rapid determination of the soil hardness, with very intuitive test results. Measure the soil wedging pressure to understand the tightness of soil at different depths.


Indicative scope of hardness: • 0 ~40 mm,    • 0~500 Kg/Cm2

Outline dimension:275mmX76mmX50mm

.NADE Soil Hardness Tester TYD-1 by the theoretical value Kg/Cm^2 of the pressure gauge