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STM-IV(A) Stormer Viscometer

Blade size:54mm*7.9mm*0.8mm
Container size:85*85mm
measuring range:0.2~141.0KU & 32-1099g 27-5250cp
  • STM-IV(A)
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Product Description

STM-IV(A) intelligent stormer viscometer is used to measure the viscosity of paints and other coatings marked with Ku value.The load grams, Ku value, CP value and room temperature of the tested sample are displayed simultaneously on the LCD screen.


The instrument is controlled by microcomputer. The mixing blade is driven by a special constant speed motor to rotate at the speed of 200R / min. the resistance moment of the mixing blade rotating in the measured sample is converted by the computer into a logarithmic function of the load required to generate the speed of 200 R / min in Ku (Krebs Krebs) unit (KU), which is generally used to mark the viscosity for brush coating and roll coating. The instrument carries out weight calculation and related processing on the data, automatically deletes the data deviating from the central area, and improves the measurement repeatability of the instrument. The operator only needs to immerse the mixing blade into the measured sample to the specified depth, and can directly read the Ku value of the modified sample and the associated load value from the instrument.


supply voltage

220V 50Hz

Blade size


Container size

Φ 85*85mm

measuring range

40.2~141.0KU & 32-1099g 27-5250cp


2% of full scale range


1% of full scale range

Rotor speed


Overall dimension


Machine weight