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MP519 Fluorine Ion Meter

  • 1year
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Zhejiang, China
  • NADE
  • MP519
  • 1.00~7.00pNa
  • ±0.5%Reading value

Product Description

MP519 Fluorine Ion Meter


1. Equipped with 201T-F 3-in-1 Combination pH Electrode, Auto Temp. Compensation, measuring pH and temperature simultaneously

2. AdvancedAuto Calibration Mode with Calibration Guide and Self-Diagnosis

3. Advanced digital processing technology helps generate quick and stable pH readings

4. IP54 Spill-proof and Dust-proof, durable and reliable

5. Comes with easy-to-install electrode holder and pre-mixed calibration solutions

6. 50 Groups of Data Storage


Sodium ion range:1.00~7.00pNa

Precision:±0.5%Reading value

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MP519 Fluorine Ion Meter

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MP519 Fluorine Ion Meter

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