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Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen

  • Zhejiang, China

  • Nade

  • 0.1-200mg N

  • 5 - 10 min/sample

  • Average value relative error 0.5%

  • 1000 pieces

  • USB or RS485

  • automatic kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

  • K1100

  • 220V 50HZ

  • Lab

  • Auto Testing Machine

Product Description

Nade lab Measurement & Analysis Instrument automatic kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer K1100

Product Description

K1100 Auto Kjeldahl analyzer is an automatic device integrating distillation and titration functions designed based on classic Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method. It’s equipped with the latest core control system, powerful automatic degree and high-quality components, can easily achieve automatic waste discharge and cleaning of boiling tubes and titration cups, control steam supply and have real-time detection of condensation temperature. High-accuracy charging pump and titration system ensure test results accuracy, and multiple fluid-level detection gives smooth test process.

Titration precision as high as 1.0μL/step

K1100 Auto Kjeldahl analyzer has exclusive design i.e. linear motor micro-control titration system which ensures accurate results; the external use is easy for the observation of the whole titration process; the built-in high-sensibility color sensing unit ensures accurate final point determination; extremely high-precision plunger titration unit achieves unprecedented precision as high as 1.0μL/step.

Brand new touch interaction system

The powerful calculation function based on ARM microprocessor unit can be operated directly through the touch screen; powerful detection function has all test steps under real-time monitoring with status displayed in figures; solution barrel level detection function and high-grade pump effectively ensure correct solution supply; samples can be detected and classified by the system, and traditional test methods and parameters are built in and can be freely used in the test process.

Correct steam control

New material PTC constant-temperature heating modules are used in the heating unit of the steam generation system, and the use of metallic heater speeds up the fluid boiling, ensuring the generation of a great deal of steam in a short period; digital electronic temperature measurement and mechanical temperature measurement provides the heating unit with double protections; customized steam pressure regulating valve guarantees the steam generation system safety and ensures uniform steam output; and steam flow is also adjustable with software system.


1.Automatic completion of distillation, titration, calculation, printing, waste discharge and cleaning;

2.Automatic waste discharge and cleaning ensure operator safety and save work hours;

3.External titration cup design gives operator real-time control of the whole test process;

4.Multiple protections i.e. failure self-detection, hints of condensed water shortage, displacement of safety door and nitrogen tube, and so on;

5.Steam flow is controllable, satisfying different test requirements;

6.Regent barrel enjoys fluid absence warning function, ensuring smooth test going;

7.High-precision charging pump and titration ensure test results accuracy;

8.Large LCD touch screen gives visual operation and abundant information, enabling user to have a good command of it;

9.USB or RS485 interface is optional for PC connection.

Technical data:

1.Sample capacity: Solid≤5.00g/sample, liquid≤20mL/sample;

2.Measuring range: 0.1mg N - 200mg N;

3.Analysis time: 5 - 10 min/sample;

4.Recovery: ≥ 99.5%;

5.Burette volume: 1.0ul/step;

6.Reproducibility: Average value relative error 0.5%;

7.Storage capacity: 1000 pieces;

8.Interface: USB or RS485;

9.Power supply: 220V 50Hz;

10.Power: 2KW;

11.Water consumption in the distillation process: 1.5L/min;

12.Cooling water temperature: less than 20°C;

13.Ambient temperature: 10°C - 28°C

Packaging & Shipping

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Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen

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Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen

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Please contact us by alibaba message or TEL: +0086-571-88064952 for any requirements or questions. There may be a time zone difference depending on your location, but we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen

Company Information

Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen

Nade automatic kjeldahl nitrogen determination K1100 kjeldahl nitrogen


Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: 7-15 working days after we received your payment or order confirmed.

Q: What is the warranty for the equipment?
A: One year. We can provide you lifelong technical support.

Q: What is the payment terms?
A: T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

Q: What after-sales service can be provided by Nade ?
A: The after-sales service of Nade is divided into two parts: technical support and maintenance.

Q: What about the technical support and maintenence?
A: Sometimes users will get some problems when they operate the instruments which are unfamiliar or first time use, users can send us emails or call us about detailed information. We will provide users solution or operation video.For so many years’ experience, our instruments works well during warranty period. If there any parts are broken during warranty period, we would like to provide spare parts for free.

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