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TOP-1000 Plant Canopy Analyzer meter

Range of measurement: 0-2700μmol m-2s-1

Resolution: 1μmol m-2s-1

Response time: 10μs

Time interval for auto data acquisition: 1-99 min

Times of auto data acquisition: 1-99

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Product Description

The plant canopy analyzer a menu-operated linear measuring meter of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), which can be used to measure the sunlight interception by plant canopy, investigate canopy luminous energy, study the relationship between luminous energy utilization and crop growth, yield, and quality. As an analyzer appropriate to the measurement and record of PAR at the waveband of 400nm-700nm (unit: μmols-1m-2), this device has been widely used in agricultural production and scientific research.


This plant canopy analyzer is a data collector-detector level integrated device that mainly consists of the LCD, operating buttons, SD card, and Sensor lever. There are 25 independent sensors arranged at a distance of 1cm each on the detector level. The menu is simple to operate; the device is compact and convenient to carry. The storage is common SD card that features large capacity and convenient data management! In addition, this instrument is also provided with a reasonable power management system that allows the device to stand by and wakes it up for data observation as the case may be during measurement. Both auto and manual measurement modes are supported. In the auto measurement mode, the minimum measurement interval is 1 minute. The maximum times of auto measurement is 99. In the manual measurement mode, the data is collected manually.


1. Range of measurement: 0-2700μmol m-2s-1

2. Resolution: 1μmol m-2s-1

3. Response time: 10μs

4. Time interval for auto data acquisition: 1-99 min

5. Times of auto data acquisition: 1-99

6. Storage capacity: 2GB (standard SD card)

7. Total length: 75cm

8. Sensor lever: 50cm

9. Number of sensors: 25 (standard)

10. Power: 2×AA batteries

11. Operating environment: 0°C-60°C; 100% RH