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LYS-A Plant Chlorophyll Meter

Measurement range chlorophyll: 0.0-99 .9 SPAD
Leaf surface temperature: -10 -99.9 °C

Measurement area 2mm * 2mm

Measurement accuracy chlorophyll: ± 3.0 SPAD unit

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Product Description

Plant chloroplasts can instantly measure the relative content of chlorophyll(unit SPAD) or green, leaf surface temperature of plants, so that you can understand the true demand of plants for Nitrogen. You can use this instrument to increase the use of nitrogen fertilizer and protect the environment(prevent excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer to pollute the environment, especially water sources).


1. Measurement range chlorophyll: 0.0-99 .9 SPAD
   Leaf surface temperature: -10 -99.9 °C

2. Measurement area 2mm * 2mm

3. Measurement accuracy chlorophyll: ± 3.0 SPAD unit(at room temperature, SPAD value is 0-50)

          Leaf surface temperature: ± 0.5 °C

4. Repeated chlorophyll: ± 0.3 SPAD units(SPAD values between 0-50)

          Leaf surface temperature: ± 0.2 °C

5. Measurement time interval less than 3 seconds

6. Data storage capacity 32KB

7. Power 4.2 V rechargeable lithium batteries

8. Battery capacity 2000mAh

9. Weight 200g

10. Working and storage environment -10 °C ~ 50 °C ≤ 85 % relative humidity

USB interface can be connected to the computer to export the measured data, to facilitate the management and analysis of plant nutrients. (Only for LYS-B)

Real photos show

NADE LYS-A Portable digital Plant Chlorophyll Meter/tester/analyzer   NADE LYS-A Portable digital Plant Chlorophyll Meter/tester/analyzer