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NADE Semi automatic Polarimeter POL-200

  • China

  • NADE

  • POL-200

  • ±90°Arc, ±130°Z

  • ±0.02°Arc, ±0.05°Z

  • 589nm

Product Description

NADE Multi-parameter Colorful Touch Screen Semi-automatic Polarimeter POL-200


Multi-parameter semi-automatic polarimeter is equipped with 4.5 inches touch screen, 1 to 3 point calibration, built in system menu can be set to a number of functional parameters, measuring optical rotation, Specific rotation, concentration and Brix of optically active compound solution.

  1. High-performance multi-parameter semi-automatic polarimeter, equipped with 5.6 inches color touch screen.
  2. Four selectable measurement functions, including optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration and international Brix (International Sugar Scale).
  3. Long-life LED + 589nm filter, avoiding the traditional light source 200 hours of service life limit.
  4. Built-in temperature sensor, real-time sensing of the sample chamber temperature changes.
  5. Touch button design, just press key to start the measurement process.
  6. Auto-zero system, a key recovery instrument to the optical zero.
  7. Automatic temperature compensation, measurement of specific rotation instant conversion to the value at 20 ° C of.
  8. Optional tube length (100,200mm or custom), automatic calculation of the standard measurement of non-standard tubes.
  9. The user to adjust the optical field of view and delete the zero error.
  10. 1-3 point calibration to ensure measurement accuracy over the full range.
  11. Automated information tips to help users understand the current executable steps.
  12. 100 sets of data storage, automatic marking time, date and enter the sample name in English.
  13. USB communication interface to store data that can be sent to the PC.
  14. Built-in text file detailing the instrument use.
  15. A key reset function (Reset), the instrument automatically restored to factory condition.
  16. Multi-language version of choice, fit the user's application requirements.

Measurement mode

Optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, Brix (ISS)

Measurement Range

± 90 o / ± 130o Z


±0.02o / ± 0.05oZ

Display Resolution

0.005 o



Light source

LED + interference filter

Applicable tube length

50/100 / 200mm

Temperature measurement range

0 ~ 100 ° C

Temperature measurement accuracy

± 0.5 ° C

Display Resolution

0.1 ° C

Data Storage

100 groups

Communication output



English(Order No. POL-200-EN)


5.6 inches TFT touch screen


550 (L) × 300 (width) × 220 (H) mm


Weight 7.5kg


100mm glass tubes, 200mm glass tubes, Power line

Pictures of touch screen Panel:

NADE Semi automatic Polarimeter POL-200

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NADE Semi automatic Polarimeter POL-200

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NADE Semi automatic Polarimeter POL-200

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