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Upgraded sensor for Food Smart Water activity meter

  • China

  • NADE

  • 0~1.000aw

  • -10℃~50℃

  • aw ±0.012aw(@23℃±5℃) Temp ±0.5℃

  • aW: 0.001 aw, Temp:0.1℃

Product Description


Water activity or aw , indicates the free water content when food is stable, measures the possibility of microbial proliferation.

Food formulators use water activity to predict how much moisture migration will affect their product.

So that to choose suitable formula, package and storage method to reduce the usage of antiseptics.

Our HD-6 smart water activity meter can equip 1 or more(2/3/4) sensors in one instrument, suitable for control on PC software.

Our HD-3A classical water activity meter can equip 1 sensor.

Click below picture to see more details.

Model HD-6, NADE Smart water activity meter, upgrated type with PC software control, with 1/2/3/4 sensors.

Model HD-3A, NADE Water activity meter, classical type, with 1 sensor.


1.High stability.
2.Long using life in good performance without fault.
3.Chemical resistant. The testing result keeps reliable when testing many different kinds of volatility material.
5.Imported chip inside sensor is with good stability and high accuracy. Avoid passivation.
6.No need to calibrate every time.
7.It is suitable to test different kinds of material, such as solid, liquid, powder are all OK.

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