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Scientz-Y160VSY Cleaning&Disinfection Machine

Rated external hydraulic pressure: 0.04-1 .00 MPa
Intra cavity hydraulic pressure: 0.3~0.4 MPa
Maximum Power: ≤ 1760 W
Host size (L * W * H): 590 * 595 * 850 mm
  • scientz-Y160VSY

  • NADE

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  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

Cleaning and disinfection machine adopts computer controlled technology to control the water temperature, pressure and flushing time of the high pressure and dynamic spray. It can be used for surface and intra cavity cleaning and disinfection work with the other detergent or disinfectant for dental equipment, surgical instrument, lab containers etc. and has been widely used in dental clinics, hospital supply centre, operating room and various biological and toxicological laboratories.   


1.Flow direction: 3D dynamic variable spray in all directions; 

2.Self-cleaning procedures: powerful, standards, economic, rinse, wash fast, ultra-fast, pre-wash; 

3.Vacuum composite filter: can block the particle larger than 10uM 

4.Priority mode: memory, easy to operate; 

5.Digital display: shows of the different procedures for washing process, time, temperature and beep tips at the end of rinse; 

6.Drying: high temp drying; 

7.Auto drainage: a unique double-pump structure and double-filters for automatic stains exclusion; 

8.Soft water features: absorption of calcium and magnesium ions can optimize the water quality and eliminate scale; 

9.Brightener Distributor: automatic release and alarm; 

10.Detergent: liquid or powder; 

11.Safety devices: work status display, emergency shutdown and automatic fault diagnosis (tips); 

12.Stainless steel interior: high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean; 

13.Water softening equipment 

14.Auto enzyme adding pump  

Product Paramenters

1. Rated external hydraulic pressure: 0.04-1 .00 MPa; 

2. Intra cavity hydraulic pressure: 0.3~0.4 MPa

3. Maximum Power: ≤ 1760 W; 

4. Host size (L × W × H): 590 × 595 × 850 (mm) 

5. Intra cavity Volume: about 160 L; 

6. Water input filter porosity: 96% , speed: 20-85m3/h 

7. Working noise: ≤ 50 dB; 8.N.W: ≤ 43 kg