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25mm 0.22 um PVDF Membrane Lab Independently-packed Disposable Sterile Syringe Filter

Inner Filtration Membrane material: PVDF
Effective Filtration Area(c㎡): 3.9
Unit(box): 50 pcs/box
Outer Shell Material: medical-grade polypropylene
  • Dia 25mm Pore Size 0.22um

  • NADE

  • 1 Package

  • China

Product Description


针式过滤器 pes 25   针式过滤器 pic    针式过滤器 无菌 25mm 针器 ALI  1  2

The disposable sterilizing filter is made of medical-grade polypropylene material. It is in single package with paper seal easy to tear. It adopts EO ( ethylene oxide) sterilization process which is suitable for sterilization and filtration of lab bio-fluids, culture media, and/or media additives. It has no heat source, no endotoxin, no DNA enzymes, no RNA enzymes in the filtration process, and thus has high stability and compatibility.


NameDiameter (mm)Pore Size (μm)Inner Filtration Membrane materialUnit(box)Effective Filtration Area(c㎡)
Sterile Syringe Filterφ130.22/0.45/0.8Nylon/PES/MCE100 pcs/box 0.7
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ250.22/0.45/0.8Nylon/PES/MCE50 pcs/box3.9
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ330.22/0.45/0.8Nylon/PES50 pcs/box6.3
Sterile Syringe Filterφ130.22/0.45PVDF/PTFE100 pcs/box 0.7
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ250.22/0.45PVDF/PTFE50 pcs/box3.9
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ330.22/0.45PVDF/PTFE50 pcs/box6.3
Sterile Syringe Filterφ130.3aboveGlass Fibre100 pcs/box 0.7
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ250.3aboveGlass Fibre50 pcs/box3.9
Sterile Syringe FilterΦ330.3aboveGlass Fibre50 pcs/box6.3
These above are sterile type.

We also provide the non-sterile type below, if client need the non-sterile type, pls inquire us.