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TJD-900 Seed Neatness Workbench

Magnification: 0-7 times

Observation table size: 360 × 330MM

Worktable base size: 940 × 330MM

Light Board Size: 300 × 270MM

  • TJD-900
  • NADE
  • 220V/110V 50HZ/60HZ
  • 1
  • Yes
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Product Description

The seed purification workbench is designed and manufactured according to the principle of optical transmission, reflection and amplification, combined with electronic technology and ergonomics. Used for seed purification and rice quality determination.

The new seed purification bench(seed purification observatory) introduced by the company was developed on the basis of the introduction and reference of similar instruments in the United States. It consists of a transmission light source system, an operating platform, a reflection light source, and an amplification device. The design is more detailed and more humane.

The white light of the seed purification table table is soft, reflecting evenly, and the overall light is placed on the table. It can be used to enlarge and observe the measured object. It shows its superior performance in seed sorting and purification testing. It is mainly used in agricultural colleges and universities. Seed management station at all levels, Seed companies, food sector, etc..


1. Magnification: 0-7 times

2. Power: 30W

3. Observation table size: 360 × 330MM

4. Worktable base size: 940 × 330MM

5. Light Board Size: 300 × 270MM

6. Power supply: 220V50HZ