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SOX606 Fat Analyzer

Temp range: Room temp +5℃~300℃
Measuring range: 0.1~100%
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃
Solvent cup volume: 150mL
  • SOX606

  • NADE

  • 220VAC±10%, 50Hz

  • 1

  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description


SOX606 Automatic Soxhlet Extractor, designed based on the Soxhlet extraction principle with weight method to determine the fat content. It has five extraction methods to meet different demands from customer. The whole metal heating module, heating up fast, good effect, low power consumption; access to all-round water temperature, flow control, environmental protection more economical; built-in ether leak detection device to ensure experimental safety. It is widely used in agricultural/ food /chemical /environment and other areas, especially for the drug, soil, sludge, cleaner and other substances in the extraction of soluble organic compounds.

Main functions&features:

Apply to all organic solvents to satisfy all demands.

Automatic Soxhlet standard method, it customized by glass and PTFE, which can block all impurities and possess high rate of accuracy.

One-click manipulation for start and pause, that makes operation with high proficiency.

Analyzer allows its controller to adsorb on any surface that made by iron.

Vertical screen, more humanization.

In-built 5 methods of extraction, handy operation.

Preset common reagent options, one-click manipulation for repeated trials

The overall heating module, that possesses features of warming faster, favorable effect and low power consumption.

Full temperature and flow control for environmental and economy.

In-built ether leak detection device to ensure experiment safety.

Efficient solvents recovering system for reduce experimentation cost.

- All-solvent general instruments

The SOX606 Soxhlet extractor uses all-glass and tetrafluoro-material as the experimental channel. The all-solvent general-purpose gasket can withstand various organic reagents while ensuring the tightness of the channel, meeting the application requirements of various users in different fields.

- Integral embedded metal heating

SOX606 Soxhlet extractor adopts integral embedded metal heating, which has faster temperature rise, better stability and lower energy consumption.

- All-round monitoring of condensate

The SOX606 Soxhlet extractor adopts all-round temperature monitoring and flow control of the inlet and outlet water channels, which greatly reduces the waste of condensed water under the premise of ensuring sufficient condensation, which is reliable and saves water resources.

- Android style interface

The SOX606 Soxhlet extractor adopts a vertical screen panel, uses an Android-style interface, and the control terminal is easy and free, allowing users to easily complete the entire experiment in a simple and user-friendly operation.

- meet the standards

GB 5009.6-2016 National Food Safety Standard Determination of Fat in Food

GB/T 9695.1-2008 Meat and meat products - Determination of free fat content

GB/T 6433-2006 Determination method of crude fat in feed

GBT 5512-2008 Grain and Oil Inspection - Determination of Crude Fat Content in Grain

Application Area

Widely used in agriculture, food, environment, industry and other fields. It is an ideal instrument for fat determination in food, oil, feed and other industries; it can also be used in the extraction of soluble organic compounds in pharmaceuticals and other substances.



Temperature range

Room temperature +5℃~300℃

Measuring range


Temperature accuracy



Relative error 1%

Sample weight


Capacity per batch


Solvent cup volume


Solvent recovery


Measurement time

20% to 80% shorter than traditional methods

Power supply

220VAC±10%, 50Hz

Rated Power




Net Weight