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SLY-E Automatic Seed Counter

Counting range: Size L * W less than 12 * 4 mm (small particles), Size L *W less than 12 * 10 mm (large particles)
Counting accuracy: small particles 5/1000; large particles 3/1000
Counting speed: 1000 capsules / 3 minutes
  • SLY-E

  • AC 220 ~ ± 20V 50HZ

  • 1

  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

Automatic seed counter

The electronic automatic counting machine can count all kinds of granular objects according to the user's set value. It is mainly used for counting grains of food crops in agriculture, such as rice, wheat, sorghum, corn, vegetable seeds Automatic counting of grains. When the value set by the user is reached, the instrument automatically stops working. The electronic automatic counting machine has been widely used in agricultural colleges, agricultural systems, seed systems, and grain departments to investigate seed indicators, measure 1000-grain weight, germination count, and sowing count. It is convenient for users to do the complicated work of counting the grains.


1. Microcomputer automatic control, full Chinese LCD display, Chinese menu operation, touch buttons, fully automatic operation.

2. round and long seeds, large and small seeds are applicable.

3. Beijing time can be set on the instrument and displayed on the main interface of the instrument.

4. The display can directly read the current number of tablets, counting mode, sensitivity, weighing weight and counting time.

5. The counting speed can be adjusted.

6. the instrument has a sensitivity adjustment function, to achieve only the selected number of particles count, to avoid interference such as impurities, so that the number of particles more accurate.

7. It has two modes of counting stop and free counting.

Free Counting: There is no upper limit for counting the number of tablets. After no seeds are dropped and no button is pressed for 2 minutes, the vibration plate will stop protectively.

Counting stop: Select this function to stop automatically when the counting reaches the set value.

8. The previous count can be saved automatically.

9. You can directly use the "500", "1000", "1500", "2000" options of the quick count menu, or you can customize the count menu.

10. With fast self-tuning, timing self-stop, circuit self-adjusting and other functions.

11. The host comes with an 8GSD card, which can store data unlimitedly, and can perform data viewing and data deletion, and it can also export the stored data to a computer.

12. The stored data can be viewed visually in the computer: date, time, number of counted tablets, time spent counting, weight.

13. Weighing function: The instrument has a built-in high-precision gravity sensor, which can automatically weigh. (Optional)




Counting range

Size length * width less than 12 * 4 mm (small particles)

Size length * width less than 12 * 10 mm (large particles)

Counting accuracy

Small particles 5/1000

Large particles 3/1000

Counting speed

1000 capsules / 3 minutes

Counting capacity

1 ~ 99999 directly read by LCD

Preset auto-stop

Any value from 1 to 99999, set to 00000 to not count

External power

AC 220 ~ ± 20V ~ 50HZ

AC power

less than 60 watts, good grounding

Continuous working time

≥5 hours

Working environment

Atmospheric pressure: 750 ± 30 mm Hg

Ambient temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Relative humidity: less than 80% at 20 ° C