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BQ-OP8 8-Channel Automatic Lid Opener

Opening method: Can open caps of the cryo tube 1 row of 8 caps
Power demand: 4.2V DC, 0.5A
battery capacity: 900mAh
Size (width*length*height): 90*230*41mm
  • BQ-OP8

  • NADE

  • 4.2V DC, 0.5A

  • 1

  • China

Product Description

BQ-OP8 2BQ-OP8 4

Multi-channel hand-held Screw Cap Recapper provides a lighter and more convenient way to open the screw caps. The handheld device offers users the ability to cap, decap or recap a row of 4/6/8 tubes in less than 5 seconds, improving productivity. The Screw Cap Recapper can work with/without battery and is always available for use. Whether you are looking to recap tubes with the same or new caps it is easy to position the screw caps above tubes using the Recapper. When removing screw caps, the large ejection handle makes discarding the old caps a simple single action task.
Tube compatibility: The Screw Cap Recapper is compatible with our standard Screw Caps (internal and external thread).


* Highly durable solution to cap, decap or recap a row of 4/6/8 tubes at once
* Each screw cap is reproducibly tightened securely and uniformly
* Caps a row of 8 tubes in 5 seconds and a whole rack of 96 tubes in only 1 minute - 10 times faster than by hand!
* Minimizes contamination
* Easy positioning of screw caps above the tubes
* Ergonomic lightweight solution for left and right handed use
* Caps can be easily discarded using the large ejection handle
* Very small footprint for bench top use
* Can work with or withoutbattery, one charge can be guaranteed to open/close the cap at least 400 times
* Models available for 96-format, 48-format and24-format Screw Caps, as well as caps from other brands
* The lightest weight of all brand hand-held recappersis to avoid the fatigue caused by long-term use



BQ-OP Series

Way of use

Handheld, automatic

Opening method

Can open or cover the 96-well arrangement of the frozen tube 1 row of 8 caps or 48/24 holes of the frozen tube 1 row of 4 caps

Power demand

4.2V DC, 0.5A

battery capacity


Size (width × length × height)

90 × 230 × 41mm

Net weight


Ordering Information

Catalog number



Screw Cap Recappers


4-Channel Screw Cap Recapper BQ-OP4 for Screw Caps

1 Unit


6-Channel Screw Cap Recapper BQ-OP6 for Screw Caps

1 Unit


8-Channel Screw Cap Recapper BQ-OP8 for Screw Caps

1 Unit

Multi-channel hand-held Screw Cap Recapper and Rack Code Reader BQ-A6 form a high-throughput solution around tubes. The screw cap recapper can be used in opening/closing action of 4/6/8 frozen tube caps in 3 seconds. Combined with the code reader, code recognition, positioning, loading, closing, and storage with 24/48/96 tubes can be completed in 2 minutes. Association. This solution is 100 times more efficient than existing manual printing labels, with labels and manual switch covers, and the error rate is reduced to zero.