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Usample V3.1 Matrix IoT Frozen Storage Box

Temperature control range: -40~-20℃
(50ml) centrifuge tube: stock 640
2 (ul)Sample: 21000+
Motion detection camera function: Optional
  • Usample V3.1

  • AC 220V/50Hz

  • 1

  • Yes

  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

Usample V3.1

Matrix IOT Frozen Storage Box

Unite Usample matrix IOT management V series storage boxes,break the laboratory material storage and control dilemma,builds a laboratory intelligence ecosystem. Equipped with patented optocoupler matrix positioning technology, accurate to point and fast positioning, enabling the management module of eight laboratory materials (standard products, reagents, hazardous chemicals, strains of bacteria, laboratory equipment, drugs, consumables, molecular compounds), and customized solutions for different user needs.

Unite Usample V3.1 Matrix IOT Frozen Storage Box, temperature control range -40~-20°C, with external load decompression exhaust electronic lock, to ensure the equipment is in a long-term sealed state.


Independent Locking & Secure Storage

Built-in 4 groups of storage units

With 2 external load decompression exhaust electronic locks


Ultra-large capacity


Low-temperature Freezing

Temperature control range -40~-20°C