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Usample T-T Desktop Warehouse Control Platform

Meet the ergonomic design
Full process voice prompts
realize separation of strong&weak electricity in warehouse
Optional with multiple software modules
  • Usample T-T

  • AC 220V/50Hz

  • 1

  • Yes

  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

T-T desktop warehouse control platform is suitable for the control scenarios of standard products, drug testing materials, samples and other materials. with Unite V series matrix IOT storage boxes,  accurately positioned through optocoupler matrix technology, and real-time storage and uploading of material information (which can be connected to the LIMS system). Paperless office meets the needs of digital laboratories, achieving a refined management mode of laboratory material control with traceable sources, traceable destinations, and individual responsibilities.


Touch Sensitive & Easy to Operate

Large HD touch screen, intelligent human body sensing, enjoy human-computer interaction. It can be equipped with various system modules such as Unite matrix IOT management system and IOT weighing system.


Dynamic Face Recognition


Operation Voice Prompt

Full process voice reminder for convenient and efficient operation completion.


Separation of Strong & Weak Electricity

Separation of strong and weak electricity, eliminating interference, and improving equipment life