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UHWS Constant temperature and humidity weighing system

Chamber Volume: 240L
Temperature range: 10℃~50℃
Humidity range: 50%~80%
Consumption power: 1800W
  • UHWS
  • NADE
  • AC220V, 50Hz
  • 1
  • 1 year
  • China

Product Description


UHWS constant temperature and humidity weighing system is developed and designed to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Standards HJ618-2011, HJ656-2013 and HJ836-2017 "Gravimetric Determination of Low Concentration Particulate Matter of Fixed Pollution Source Exhaust Gas".

Place a high-precision balance in the constant temperature and humidity system. After the sample to be weighed is placed in the constant temperature and humidity box for balance for 24 hours, it can be weighed manually, which avoids the influence of changes in the temperature and humidity of the laboratory environment to the sample weighing results. That greatly improves the accuracy of the weighing sample results. The product can also be used for weighing other samples with higher requirements in the weighing environment.


 1. The system is equipped with constant temperature, constant humidity, four-level anti-vibration and static elimination functions, and the whole system is a standard balance room, to ensure the accuracy of the sample weighing results.

2. Mirror stainless steel studio, high-quality steel plate electrostatic spraying shell, wide-view glass door with two hand-operated entrances, and effective isolation, to avoid the influence of constant temperature and humidity during manual operation, safe, convenient, novel and beautiful in appearance .

3. Adopt compressor units protected by high and low pressures, intelligent refrigeration and frost-free operation technology, with self-testing compressor on-off control program, low noise, long life, and small temperature fluctuations.

4. All-round three-dimensional heating technology to ensure the uniformity of the temperature in the studio. Independently controlled illuminators are installed in the box to clearly observe the contents of the box.

5. Reasonable design of air duct structure, breeze air circulation design, which guarantees the uniform temperature in the working room and the stability of the balance weighing

6. Imported humidity sensor and advanced humidification technology, precise humidity control, fast humidification and uniform humidity

7. Secondary storage type automatic water inlet and water shortage alarm function.

8. The temperature controller adopts high-speed, high-performance CPU processing chip, high-sensitivity, high-precision platinum resistance sensor, with fixed programming control functions of timing on, timing off, and fixed value work; timing time is up to 99 hours.

9. The temperature controller comes with sensor failure alarm, upper and lower limit temperature deviation alarm, over temperature alarm, parameter memory; temperature display correction, self-diagnostic dynamic control technology

10. The temperature controller and the humidity controller run online, and the advanced dynamic control technology makes the temperature and humidity reach the best state

11. Remote control of the instrument can be realized: wireless communication alarm system. (Optional)

12. By setting the sampling interval, the temperature and humidity fluctuations in the box can be recorded in real time: a card-type temperature and humidity recorder. (Optional)

13. Optional balances with different precisions. The balance can be used online with the computer to automatically record the weighing results. According to the method of HJ836-2017 "Gravimetric Determination of Low Concentration of Fixed Pollution Sources", the average value of the second weighing before sampling is automatically settled, and the second weighing after sampling And calculate the concentration according to the method. It can effectively avoid manual errors, avoid heavy and repetitive labor of experimenters, and ensure the reliability and accuracy of weighing data.


Weighing of various filter membranes in environmental and meteorological monitoring; Weighing of filter membranes in the fields of scientific research, teaching, and third-party testing; Weighing of low-concentration sampling heads for pollution sources, etc.




Chamber Volume


Environmental condition

(Temperature) 5~30℃

(Maximum relative humidity) 80%

(Altitude up to) 2000m


AC220V, 50Hz

Temperature range




± 0.1℃ at 37 ℃


± 0.5℃


±1.0℃ at 37℃


PID microprocessor controls, touch type, numeral manifestation


Platinum gold resistor

Humidity range




± 0.1%RH


± 3%RH


PID microprocessor controls, touch type, numeral manifestation


Capacitor type


Wait on time,wait off time(Max.99hr,Min.1min)



304 mirror finished stainless steels








Consumption power