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NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

  • 1 year, 1 Year

  • other

  • Zhejiang, China

  • Nade

  • XT-9916

  • Electronic

  • room temperature~400℃(precision: ±1℃)

  • 0~10Mpa(precision: ±0.01MPa)

  • 75L

  • 100mL

  • Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion System

  • XT-9916

  • Lab Research

  • 220V

  • lab microwave digestion

Product Description

NADE Testing Equipment Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

Product Description


XT-9916 Closed Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction System is introduced advanced optical scanning temperature & pressure-controlled technology, which can monitor temperature and pressure of samples inside vessel in real time. Thus, it greatly improved the security. Moreover, due to the technology of optional every-vessel temperature & pressure control, the uniformity and security for digestion is enhanced greatly.

Technical Parameter

  1. Power & Frequency: Program-controlled high-frequency resonant high-voltage microwave power; Industrial grade double microwave magnertron; Output power, 0-2400W; Microwave frequency, 2450MHz
  2. Microwave furnace chamber: Cylindrical furnace chamber, 75L; Multi-layer PFA material coated inside for corrosion-proof ; longer operation life, easy to clean.
  3. Sample volume & number: Digestion vessels volume, 100mL; Optional number of samples for digestion, 1-16.
  4. Temperature control: Specific non-contact infrared temperature sensor, real-time scanning temperature of samples inside the vessels with a visual temperature curve display.
  5. @ Pressure control: Non-contact pressure sensor, real-time scanning and controlling every vessel's pressure with a visual press ure curve.
  6. T-P measure system: Range of temperature, room temperature~400°C(precision: ±1°C); Range of pressure, 0~10Mpa(precision: ±0.01MPa)
  7. High-pressure digestion vessel: Framework-style high-pressure digestion vessels, PEEK material for outer vessel, TFM material for inner vessel; Working pressure, 0~6Mpa, Maximum pressure, 15Mpa; Working temperature, 0-250°C, Maximm temperature, 300°C.
  8. Workding mode:

1) Could create, edit and save more than 100 kinds of digestion methods.

2) 10 more digestion steps setup for every method.

3) Working conditions setup(temperature, pressure, time and microwave power etc.) for any single diegestion step.

  1. Multiple saftety mearsurement: More than 10 security functions inclduing:

1) Drum-shaped industrial furnace cavity, overhead-type explosion-proof door design. 2)Real-time temperature and pressure control for any single digestion sample.

3) Over-pressure alarming limit.

4) Elastic pressure-controlling protection device.

5) Overheat and overcurrent protection.

6) Abnormal noise detection protection.

7) System failure self-check and warning.

8) High strength bursting framework for digestion vessel.

9) Non-destructive pressure-realeasing groove.

10) Threee powerful centrifugal exhaust fans equipped(exhaust capacity, 5.8m3/min) to protect operator from harmful gases.

  1. Intelligent conrolling mode: Visual and convenient to use with full touching screen, any working paramter in real time shown by large screen, standard RS232 interface provided for the connection with PC.
  2. Other parameters: Power, 110/220V AC, 50/60Hz ; Input power, 3000W; Appearance size, 610×450×630mm; Net weight, 70Kg.
Packaging & Shipping

Our Packaging Details:

NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

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NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

Our Services

Please contact us by alibaba message or TEL: +0086-571-88064952 for any requirements or questions. There may be a time zone difference depending on your location, but we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

Company Information

NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916

NADE Testing Equipment Intelligent Microwave Digestion System XT-9916


Q: How long is the delivery time?
A: 7-15 working days after we received your payment or order confirmed.

Q: What is the warranty for the equipment?
A: One year. We can provide you lifelong technical support.

Q: What is the payment terms?
A: T/T, L/C, Western Union, etc.

Q: What after-sales service can be provided by Nade ?
A: The after-sales service of Nade is divided into two parts: technical support and maintenance.

Q: What about the technical support and maintenence?
A: Sometimes users will get some problems when they operate the instruments which are unfamiliar or first time use, users can send us emails or call us about detailed information. We will provide users solution or operation video.For so many years’ experience, our instruments works well during warranty period. If there any parts are broken during warranty period, we would like to provide spare parts for free.

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