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LMTFM03 Microbial Limit Test Filtration Manifold

Filtration position quantity: 3
Base material: SS316L
Base sterilization temperature: 180℃
Cups package: sterile package for 1 pc and 3pcs
  • LMTFM03

  • NADE

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  • China

Product Description


NADE microbial limit test manifolds are suitable for single or multi sample’s filtration simultaneously. The base is made of
SS316L stainless steel. Each position has valve for individual control, helps user to save time. It is widely used in CDC,
food/pharmaceutical/chemical labs for testing microbial water and related products. Ideal equipment for sample filtration and microorganisms retention in microbial limit test and bioburden test.


* Special design, quick installation of heads and cups, and easy to remove.
* Liquid anti-back-flow.
* Low center of gravity, will not roll over even full of water.
* SS316L material, suitable for sterilization. Smooth surface, low residual after cleaning.
* Each position has valve for individual control.
* Strict sealing design for full system.
* Cups are EO pre-sterilized, and sterile package for 1 pc and 3pcs.



* Pharmaceutical

Microbial limit inspection of purified water,
water for injection, API and oral liquid, tablets,
capsules, biological products and preparations.

* Disease control

Inspection of the total number of bacteria in
water quality such as air-conditioning condensate
and drinking water, and detection of pathogenic bacteria.

* Food

Inspection of the total number of bacterial colonies
in beverages, mineral water, and purified water.

* Chemical industry

Water sample detection of various microorganisms to be tested.



Filtration position quantity
Base material
Base sterilization temperature
Sterilized filtration cup
consist of disposible funnel 100ml/250ml, PVDF membrane (0.45μm pore size)

1联6联 白底


There are also 1 branch type and 6 branch type as shown in the pictures above.
For more information of these two types please contact us.

Full system includes:

1/3/6 branch manifolds + filtration cup + 3L receiving bottle + vacuum pump
If necessary, you can inquire us for help.

限度仪 系统 已抠图

Operation steps

* Connect the manifolds to receiving bottle, then connect to pump. Keep all valves in close position.
* Turn on the pump.
* Install the head to base, install the cup on the head.
* Fill water sample into the cup.
* Open the valve, observe till finish pumping.
* Close the valve.
* Remove the cup.
* Transfer the memebrane for culturing(with bacteria side up).