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LDS-1G Seed Moisture Meter

Measuring Moisture Range: 3-35%

Repeating Error: 0.2%

Measuring Error: ≤±0.5%

Measuring Time: 10 seconds

  • LDS-1G

  • NADE

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Product Description

The LDS-1G Moisture Meter is a product specially developed for the seed management department to measure the moisture content of small seeds such as vegetable seeds. The problem that the vegetable seeds have a small specific gravity solves the problem that the moisture meter may cause large errors due to its light weight and large volume.


Measuring Object:Grain, wheat, rapeseed, soybean, vegetable seed, corn, feed and other non-metallic granular materials

Measuring Moisture Range: 3-35%

Repeating Error: ≤0.2%

Measuring Error: ≤±0.5%

Measuring Time: ≤10 seconds

Working Power: 4pcs 5# batteries

Auto Power-off: If the measurer doesnt work more than 3 minutes, it will be powered off automatically.

Working Environment Temperature: 0-40℃

Temperature Adjusting: Automatically

Net Weight: 0.6kgs

NADE Potable Digital Seed Moisture Meter/ Analyzer/Tester LDS-1G For Grain, wheat, rapeseed, soybean,etc.