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CS-820N Bench-top UV Spectrophotometer

Wavelength Range: 360~780nm
Measurement wavelength interval: 10nm
Integrating sphere diameter: 152mm
Half spectral width: 5nm
  • CS-820N

  • NADE

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  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer   CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer   CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer  

The desktop spectrophotometer CS-820N is an intelligent, convenient and precise spectrophotometer, using TFT true color 7-inch capacitive touch screen, full spectrum, and Android operating system. Illumination mode: reflection D/8°, transmission D/0° (including UV/excluding UV measurement), accurate and stable measurement color, large storage capacity, powerful expansion functions on the PC side, for laboratory color analysis and transmission.


1. Transmissive D/0 structure and reflective D/8 structure.

2. Dual optical path spectrum analysis technology

It can simultaneously obtain the measurement sample and the internal environment reference data to ensure the accuracy and long-term stability of the instrument measurement.

3. Compatible with SCI/SCE measurement, and support SCI+SCE simultaneous rapid measurement

Adopt the D/8 illumination observation conditions recommended by the International Commission of Illumination to meet the measurement needs of various industries; it can perform specular reflection (SCI) and specular reflection (SCE) measurements, and more fully insight into color data changes. And it supports SCI+SCE rapid measurement at the same time, and the test time is less than 4 seconds.

4. Configure Android operating system and rotatable capacitive touch screen

The instrument APP based on the Android operating system and the 7-inch large touch screen are as smooth and convenient as the daily operation of a mobile phone, and it is easier to operate.

5. Open transmission sample compartment, containing large size samples

The open transmission sample compartment is not limited by the sample size, and even large-sized films can be easily handled.

6. Abundant accessories

15 kinds of standard accessories, 12 kinds of optional accessories, to meet the testing needs of different scenarios.

7. The instrument has its own accessory drawer, which is convenient for accessory protection and storage

8. The reflection measurement caliber can be switched

With four measuring apertures, the instrument automatically recognizes the aperture and adjusts the light path, bid farewell to manual.

9. Four types of UV measurement modes make the fluorescence invisible


Illumination/measurement conditions Reflection

d/8 (diffuse illumination, 8° direction reception)

SCI (including specular reflection light)/SCE (not including specular reflection light)) Simultaneous measurement. Complies with standard CIE number 15, GB/T 3978, GB2893, GB/T 18833, IS 07724/1, DIN 5033 Teil7, JIS Z 8722 Condition C, ASTM E 1164, ASTM-D1003-07

Transmission: D/0 (diffuse illumination, vertical reception)


Silicon photodiode array

Spectroscopic method

Concave grating

Integrating sphere diameter


Measurement wavelength range

360 nm~780 nm

Measurement wavelength interval


Half spectral width


Reflectivity range

Reflectivity:0% to 200%

Reflectivity resolution


Lighting source

Pulsed xenon lamp and LED

UV measurement

Includes UV, 400 m cut-off, 420 nm cut-off, 460 Nm cut-off

Measurement time

SCI or SCE mode <2 seconds, SCI+SCE measurement at the same time <4 seconds

Illumination/measurement aperture

Reflection: XLAVφ25.4mm/φ30 mm, LAVφ15 mm/φ18 mm,MAVφ8mm/φ11 mm, SAVφ3mm/φ6mm

The user can customize the caliber, automatic identification of caliber switching

Transmission φ17mm/φ25mm

Transmission measurement specifications

Sample width and height are unlimited, thickness: ≤50 mm


XLAV spectral reflectance/transmittance: standard deviation within 0.1%

XLAV chromaticity value: standard deviation Δ E*ab within 0.015 (after the instrument is calibrated, measure the white standard plate 30 times at 10 second intervals)

Difference between stations

XLAV ΔE*ab0.15 (based on 23"C, measure the average value of 12 color plates of BCRA series)

Observe the light source

A, C, D50, D55, D65, D75, F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12, CWF, U30, DLF, NBF, TL 83, TL 84

Display content      

Spectral data, spectrogram, chromaticity data, color difference data, color difference graph, pass/fail judgment, simulation color evaluation, haze, liquid chromaticity, color deviation

Standard observer

2° standard observer and 10° standard observer

Color space

L*a*b, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, Yxy, XYZ

Chromaticity index

WI (ASTM E 313-00, ASTM E 313-73, CIE/ISO, AATCC, Hunter, Taube, Berger Stensby), YI (ASTM D 1925, ASTM E 313-00, ASTM E 313-73), Tint (ASTM -E 313--00), metamerism index, color fastness, color fastness, brightness, R457, A density, T density, E density, M density apha/Hazen/

PT-Co (platinum cobalt index), Gardner (Gardner index), Saybolt (Sybert index), ASTM Color, haze, total transmittance,

Covering power, strength, strength

Color difference formula

ΔE*ab, ΔE*CH, ΔE*UV, ΔE*CMC, ΔE*94, ΔE*00, ΔEAB(Hunter), 555 color classification


Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, German, French, Polish



Screen size

7 inch capacitive touch screen

Operating system              


Power supply                         


Operating temperature and humidity

15~40°C, relative humidity 80% [no condensation below 35°C]

Storage temperature and humidity

-20~45°C, relative humidity below 80% (at 35°C), no condensation)


Power adapter, data cable, transmission fixture, U disk (including management software), black cavity, white board, green board, 0% calibration shading cover, 30 mm diameter plate, 18 mm diameter plate, 11 mm diameter plate, 6 mm diameter Plate, support table, cuvette, damping handle

Optional accessories

Heating transmission fixture (including control circuit), vertical support, pneumatic ejector (including control circuit), small sample clamping accessories, reflectance sub-support, corrosion-resistant protective plate (not removable), fiber test box, film fixture, Small hole transmission fixture, special trolley case, European standard plug, American standard plug


RS-232, USB, USB-B


430*240*260 mm




1. Camera viewfinder positioning

2. (The instrument can measure sideways, measure up, measure down (use accessories)

3. Automatic temperature and humidity compensation function

Detail images

CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer CS-820N High precision Bench-top touch screen control UV Spectrophotometer