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BQ-MS210 Single Tube Code Reader

Optical resolution: 838dpi*480dpi
Power consumption: 1.5W
Size: 94*93.4*87mm
Net weight: 210g
  • BQ-MS210

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Product Description

MS210 主图pro-ms210_2

The MS210 decoding reader supports common one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes (such as code39, code128, QR, DM, etc.), and can also read a variety of bar-codes such as Aztec, Hanxin code, etc. It also supports bar code reading on mobile phone and LED screen. It is mainly aimed at reading the bar code on small appliances (such as test tube, cryopreservation tube, EP tube, etc.) or documents used in biological sample library, medical inspection, biological detection, physical and chemical analysis laboratory and other occasions.
The appearance design of MS210 draws lessons from the ergonomic principle: the transparent glass position of MS210 window is the best distance for two-dimensional code reading; The window is slightly tilted forward by 12°, which corresponds to the natural angle between the user's arm and the desktop with the height of MS210. During long-term operation, the user can support with elbow joint and place the bottom of the cryopreservation tube on the glass of the window to read, so as to avoid the fatigue of wrist and shoulder caused by long-term arm suspension.



BQ-MS210 decoding reader

Optical resolution

838dpi × 480dpi

Power consumption




Net weight


Scanning angle

support 360° rotation, 45° elevation and 65°
slope scanning


RS232 / USB keyboard simulation / USB
serial port simulation

Decoding type

1D, 2D

Number of decodes per scan

1 bar code


compatible with various containers, document
records and bar codes on the screen

Docking automation platform


Docking sample information
management system