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AMR-100T Microplate Reader

Display:7 inch touch screen (800x480 dots)
Light source:Quartz-halogen lamp 6V/10W
Half-bandwidth of filters:8~10nm
  • AMR-100T

  • NADE

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  • 1 year

  • China

Product Description

The AMR-100T microplate reader, with a wavelength range of 340–750nm, is a high-performance solution for a wide range of applications, including immunoassays with colorimetric substrates, such as ELISA, and protein assays such as Bradford and Lowry. It is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical laboratory.
The AMR-100T can be used as a stand-alone reader or be controlled by a PC or a PAD with Android system.


1.Easily use with 7 inch touch screen together with 3 external keys

2.A broad wavelength range of 340-750nm

3.Able to use individually or connect with PC and export results

4.Absorbance range: 0.0~4.000Abs

5.8 positions optical filter wheel, equipped with 4 standard optical filters

6.Rapid and accurate measurement of 96-well plates within 6 seconds

7.9-channel ELISA reader for fast measurements

8.Additional reference channel for optimized light intensity

9.Endpoint, kinetic and multi-label measurements for a variety of applications

10.Shaking with variable time and speed

11.PC software, APP software and bulit-in software for powerful and validated data analysis





 7 inch touch screen (800x480 dots)

 Light source

 Quartz-halogen lamp 6V/10W



 Optical filter

 Equipped with filters: 405,450,492,630nm

 Half-bandwidth of filters


 Read-out range


 Linearity (450nm)




 Accuracy (450nm)



CV≤0.3%[0,3Abs); CV≤1%[3,4Abs)

 Test speed

 <6s for 96-well plate


 3 modes shaking: slow, medium and fast

 User interface

 Integrated software or PC control software(optional)


 Touch screen, 3 pcs external keys


1000 test records


 3 USB ports, for PC, printer and USB-disk






From RT+4℃ to 50℃


 Code Description
 AS-16051-01 Optical filter 340nm (Matching)
 AS-16051-02 Optical filter 405nm (Standard)
 AS-16051-03 Optical filter 415nm (First Matching)
 AS-16051-04 Optical filter 450nm (Standard)
 AS-16051-05 Optical filter 492nm (Standard)
 AS-16051-06 Optical filter 540nm (Matching)
 AS-16051-07 Optical filter 570nm (First Matching)
 AS-16051-08 Optical filter 590nm (First Matching)
 AS-16051-09 Optical filter 630nm (Standard)
 AS-16051-10 Optical filter 650nm (First Matching)
 AS-16051-11 Optical filter 690nm (Matching)
 AS-16051-12 Optical filter 380nm (Matching)
 AS-16051-13 Optical filter 578nm (Matching)
 AS-16051-14 Optical filter 595nm (Matching)