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9605I-2D4(B) 0.5ml Tetra-code Internal Thread Tube 96-well Rack

Volume: 0.5ml
Code options: 2D Data-Matrix + 1D barcode with human-read Code
Package: 96pcs/rack, 50 racks/carton
Color(Cap): default orange, optional
  • 9605I-2D4(B)

  • NADE

  • 1 box

  • China

Product Description

9605_PS2d40.5ml Tetra-code Internal P2

Standard in 96-well Rack: The racks feature a laser etched 1D rack barcode on one side and ‘Twist-Lock’ to prevent tubes from turning during screw (de)capping. Also available in bulk.

Code options: The 0.5ml tubes with internal thread are available with a unique 2D Data-Matrix code. Due to the In-mold labeling technique used to manufacture the sample storage tubes, the white code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube.

Working volume: The 0.5ml tubes with internal thread can be sealed with screw caps 96-format. The working volume is larger than 0.6ml (different working volume for different temperatures).


Virgin PP materials, heavy metal ions, hazardous materials are at the highest level of safety;

Internal thread provides the most optimal sealing for storage at ultra-low temperatures;

Enhanced internal spiral design with silicone seals for a secure seal for international flights;

Available Non-coded, Alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D Data-Matrix code;

Alphanumeric codes, 2D codes and 1D rack barcodes are permanently;

2D codes also have a human-readable code;

The one-piece process allows the code to be integrated into the tube body, firm and non-shedding, resistant to acid and alkali and organic solvents and mechanical friction;

Original coding and digital co-distribution technology and pure black and white ultra-high contrast Data-Matrix code ensure the reliability of code reading;

Available in bulk, Rack (based on the ANSI/SLAS standards for storage racks);

100% quality control on all 2D codes;

Highly compact solution to save freezer space;

100,000-level clean workshop and automated production line to ensure DNase/RNase and Pyrogen free;

Twist lock function prevents the pipe body from falling and rotating in the box, which is convenient for automatic equipment to cover and cover automatically;

Different specifications of the frozen tube have the same cap and bayonet design to fit the same opener. The same size of the frozen box can be matched with the same type of freezer.


Sterile, gamma radiated

Precapped with Screw Cap

Customized 2D Data-Matrix tube code and 1D rack barcode



Raw materials

Medical grade polypropylene PP


sterile, no DNA, RNase, no endotoxin

Transportation safety

in accordance with IATA requirements

Two-dimensional barcode

Customizable, up to 14*14 data rectangle, ECC200 built-in error correction

Visual code double guarantee

There is a human readable code on the side of the 2D code

Applicable temperature range

-196 ° C (liquid nitrogen) to 121 ° C (steam sterilization)

Product Certification

EU CE Certification (IVDD Directive)

Production quality system

ISO13485:2016 medical device quality management 

Ordering information

Catalog number



0.5ml 2D Barcode internal thread tube with screw caps


0.5ml Tetra-code Screw Cap tubes with Internal Thread bulk

200 tubes


0.5ml Tetra-code Screw Cap tubes with Internal Thread in 96-well Rack with low cover

50 racks

If you want to know more this tube, please contact us for whole catalog.

We offer a complete line of sample storage tubes that it in the 96-well, 48-well, 24-well or 6-well ANSI/SLAS standard (formerly recognized as the ANSI/SBS standard) rack format. The comprehensive range includes tubes with volumes ranging from 0.50ML to 20ML which are suitable for the most common laboratory storage applications. The tubes are available non-coded, alphanumeric coded or with a unique 2D Data-Matrix code on the tube bottom or side. Through our line of compatible storage racks, decoding and cap/decap equipement, we are able to offer you a complete solution.

0.5ml tubes are widely used to store whole blood, component blood, nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, plasmids), compounds, etc., and can also be directly applied to some experiments (such as PCR).