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0.00001g Analytical Balance

0.0001g high accuracy lab scale

0.001ph) - Buy Ph Meter

0.002) - Buy Ph Meter

0.002ph) - Buy Ph Meter

0.01) - Buy Ph Meter

0.01)with Data Storage - Buy Ph Meter

0.01)with Tft Color Display And Data Storage - Buy Ph Meter

0.01mg balance


0.01ph) - Buy Ph Meter

0.1-100ml Laboratory Liquid Handling Mechanical Pipette Controller - Buy Micropipettor

0.1mg Electronic Balance

0.1mg high accuracy balance


0.2%f.s.) - Buy Orp Meter

0.22um Syringe Filter


1000ml Mini Classical Intelligent Magnetic Stirrer For Ph Meter - Buy Magnetic Stirrer

10k~30k Rpm) - Buy Homogenizer

10mg Balance Scale

1100w Freeze Drying Machine

12)10 Rollers - Buy Peristaltic Pump Head

12)6 Rollers - Buy Peristaltic Pump Head

12v Peristaltic Pump


1mg Electronic Balance


20l 1500rpm Nade Blue Spin Classic Magnetic Stirrer - Buy Magnetic Stirrer

20l Rotary Evaporator

2301t-q Plastic Conductivity Electrode

2KG balance

2xz-0.25 Nade Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Buy Vacuum Pump

2xz-0.5 Nade Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Buy Vacuum Pump

2xz-1 1l/s Nade Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Buy Vacuum Pump

2xz-2 Nade Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Buy Vacuum Pump

2xz-4 Nade Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - Buy Vacuum Pump

30000ml Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer 

3000ml Simple Magnetic Stirrer With Electrode Holder - Buy Stirrer

300ml Glass Funnel Vacuum Solvent Filtration Apparatus For Laboratory - Buy Solvent Filtration Apparatus


40khz - Buy Cheap Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

40khz - Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner Price

40khz 240w 10l - Buy Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

410g analytical balance

450c Digital Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantle For Flask - Buy Heating Mantle

5 To 5000 Microliter Fixed Volume Single Channel Micropipettor Mechanical Micro Pipette - Buy Pipette

500ml Laboratory Glass Funnel Vacuum Filter Solvent Filtration Apparatus - Buy Solvent Filtration Apparatus

500ml Spe Water Electrolysis Cell For Hydrogen Generator - Buy Hho Cell

510g lab analytical balance

53khz - Buy Ultrasonic Cleaner China


6l) - Buy Water Bath


801 Magnetic Stirrer

802 Heating Stirrer

8k~30k Rpm) - Buy Portable Homogenizer

96 Well Pcr Plate

970w Freeze Drying Machine

Academies - Buy Digital Thermostat For Incubator

Acidity Tester

Adjustable Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump

Adjustable Micropette Pipette

Aesthetic Surgery

Ag Agcl Reference Electrode

Agricultural climate detector


Air Circulating Drying Oven

Air Convention Circulation Oven

Air Dry Oven

Air Drying Oven Machine

Air Jacket Thermostatic Co2 Incubator

Air Leakage Tester - Buy Leak Seal

Alfalfa Moisture Meter

Alloy Steel

Aluminum Sampling Pans

Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

Anaerobic Chamber

Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance Electronic Digital

Analytical Scales

And Food Processing - Buy Digital Thermostat For Incubator

Animals And Other Substance - Buy High Quality Protable Gene Gun

Animals And Other Substance - Buy Protable Gene Gun

Asphalt Ductility Tester

Asphalt Softening Point Tester

Asphalt Thin Film Oven

Asphalt/bitumen Penetrometer

Atago refractometer





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