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Usample V2.1 Matrix IoT Cryogenic Low Temp Storage Box

Temperature control range: 2~20℃
Total stock (50ml centrifuge tube): 1000+
Motion detection camera function: Optional
Size: Can be customized
  • Usample V2.1
  • AC 220V/50Hz
  • 1
  • Yes
  • 1 year
  • China

Product Description

Laboratory Sample Management System

laboratory scene

Matrix storage structure, based on the process control mode, adopts optocoupler matrix positioning technology and micro motion detection technology to accurately locate the storage position of each material. Through the data accumulation of each segment, the Matrix management is finally realized.

The process control mode is applicable to materials with large memory in lab, inconsistent specifications, lack of unified standards and approval of confusing materials, such as: reagents, hazardous chemicals, consumables, etc.

Concept map of Usample matrix IoT management V SeriesOptocoupler matrix positioning technology


Basic Function

- Material life cycle management

- Graphical display of stored substances

- Complete chemical substance database
- 7*24-hour video surveillance
- Certificate binding management, quick call
- Rich personnel authority management functions
- Cross-platform multi-module linkage operation

Patented Function

- Optocoupler identification technology, extremely fast positioning, intelligent early warning, realize data trend reverse check
- Seamless switching between single platform and multiple modules, integration of multiple enabling modules, professional management and simple operation
- matrix data flow, data matrix collection and circulation,
realize linkage management
- 1 & n big data compared to one material .multiple management modes, to ensure binding and sharing of sample information

Intelligent Function

- Automatic classification of laboratory materials
-  Identification of hazardous chemical products
- Automatically recommend storage locations
- MSDS complete data
- Electronic procurement process
- Intelligent purchasing recommendation
- API interface opening

- Supplier collaboration management

Enabling Modules

- Standard product management
- Reagent Management
- Hazardous chemicals management
- Bacterial and virus species management
- Laboratory equipment management
- Drug Management
- Consumables Management
- Molecular compound management


Usample V2.1

Usample V2.1 Matrix IOT cryogenic low temp storage box
* Equipped with optocoupler matrix detection equipment
* Built-in 16 groups of independent electronic lock control storage units
* 50(ml) centrifuge tube stock 1000+
* Temperature control range 2~20℃
* Imported thermostatic equipment
* Internal and external double-layer temperature insulation structure
* Double-layer visual automatic door closing device
* Automatic alarm function for abnormal conditions
* Fully automatic defrost function
* Motion detection camera function (Optional)
* Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity (Optional)