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CW-2000 Ultrasonic-microwave Cooperative Extractor/Reactor

Microwave power: 0-1000W (adjustable)
Ultrasonic power/ frequency: 50W/ 40KHz
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz
Reactor volume: 250mL, 500mL, 1000mL
  • CW-2000
  • NADE
  • 220V±10%, 50Hz
  • 1
  • 1 year
  • China

Product Description


1. Multi-use Instrument: three modes including Ultrasonic, Microwave and Cooperative mode are provided for multiple use; Best choice for the methods and mechanism research of chemical reaction, chemical synthesis, material preparation, chemical sample pretreatment, etc;

2. High-effective Ultrasonic Osciallations: Ultrasonic oscillations energy directly act on sample reactor, high acoustic vibration efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise; design of acoustic vibration and wireless, more convenient to put in and take out sample reactor.

3. Large Treatment Capacity: up to 1000mL volume, greatly increase analysis sensitivity; meanwhile, reactor of different shape and volume can be made according to user's needs;

4. Operation is Intuitionistic and Convenient: microwave power and action time are adjustable, ultrasonic and microwave action mode and its degree may combine and set freely. Reaction condition and temperature are real-time monitored;

5. Flexible Power Control Mode: various power control modes such as time curve temperature rise, constant temperature and constant power can be achieved through parameter combination design;

6. Condition of Low Temperature and Normal pressure: reduces the destruction of the sample’s organic structure;

7. Safe and reliable: condition of low temperature and normal pressure, no need to process or buy reactor made by special material, the operation will be safer. Direct ultrasonic vibration has a higher efficiency and lower noise. Microwave leakage is less than 0.3mW/cm2 (national standard is 5mW/cm2);

8. Wide Application: widely used in sample pretreatment of organic, inorganic and biology analysis. Especially as a new reactor, it can be widely used in university or scientific research unit for them to carry out many significative research operations about chemical reaction, organic synthesis, sample digestion or extraction; 


A multiuse instrument

3 different modes of action include direct ultrasonic, microwave and cooperative mode

Microwave power

0-1000W (adjustable); microwave frequency: 2450MHz

Ultrasonic Power/ Frequency


Microwave Action Mode

Non-pulse continuous microwave heating

Ultrasonic Action Mode

small power ultrasonic transducer directly connect to reactor, low noise, acoustic vibration (energy) efficiency close to 100%

Microwave Power Control Mode

Multiple power control modes such as time curve temperature rise, constant temperature and constant power can be achieved through parameter combination design

Temperature Control

non-contact infrared temperature measurement, in the range of room temperature to 120℃(±1℃)

Program Control

255 programs could be set, and each program could set 9 steps with time(1-9999s), microwave power, working temperature, ultrasonic (on or off) and other parameters, all features would be saved by comptuer and could be set, changed and used accordingly

Separated Reactor Monitor

7 "LCD touch screen has the dual functions of program touch control and real-time video monitoring. The magnetic fixed design can fix the operation panel on the surface of the instrument at will, which is suitable for the operating habits of analysts

Easy and Convernent for Operation

 the microwave power and operation time can be set accordingly; ultrasonic and microwave mode can be set according to requirement; LCD displays the real-time sample reaction

Reactor Volume

250mL, 500mL, 1000mL


Power supply : 220V±10%, 50Hz; Power: 1200W;

Furnace chamber


Size and weight

Exterior size: 570mm×510mm×520mm; Weight: 25Kg

Packing list





Drain Sleeve


Flask with Ultrasonic Transducer250 mL


Flask with Ultrasonic Transducer500 mL


Flask with Ultrasonic Transducer1000mL


Airproof connection


Flask holder


User Manual


Appearance have been updated, and below pictures are the old appearance of CW-2000

CW2000 旧款1CW2000 旧款2