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 NADE Smart Water Activity Meter HD-3A
NADE Smart Water Activity Meter HD-3A
Size: HD-3A
Note: Measuring range: Water activity 0-0.980aw
Category: Water activity meter
Water activity or aw , indicates the free water content when food is stable, measures the possibility of microbial proliferation.
Food formulators use water activity to predict how much moisture migration will affect their product, so that to choose suitable package and storage method to reduce the usage of antiseptics.

  1. HD-3A water activity is a single-point measurement equipment, adopting high precision sensor WSC-4;
  2. Professional design ensures stable and reliable performance;
  3. Reasonable structure design provides easier operation;
  4. Quick in calibration and measurement: needs only 10 minutes;
  5. Free from repeated calibration;
  6. High brightness LCD display;
  7. Equipped with printer, convenient to record data;
  8. Long life, high accuracy, solid, liquid, powder are measurable.

Model HD-3A
Measuring range Water activity 0-0.980aw (no condensing )
Temperature 0-50℃
Measurement accuracy Water activity ±0.015 (@25℃)
Temperature  ±0.5℃
Repeatability ≤0.015
Temperature coefficient ≤0.0005/℃
Measurement points 1
Print method a.Measurement of the end of print
b.Real-time print
Display Large-screen LCD 128×64DOTS
Output mode Micro printer
Supply voltage 220VAC±10%
Optional: 110VAC±10%
Power consumption ≤15W
Dimensions of main set 320mm×120mm×340mm
Work environment Temperature 0-50℃
Relative humidity 0-95%RH
Package Inside: Portable aluminum boxes for the meter
Outside: standard carton for export