Nade Electro-thermostatic Oil Cabinet- DKU-250 series
Size: DKU-250 series
Category: Others
NADE 380℃ Hotplate HP380-Pro
Size: HP380-Pro
Note: Heating temperature range:Room temp.+5°C - 380°C
Category: Others
NADE APW-200 Automated Microplate Wash
Note: Model:APW-200
Category: Others
  NADE Magnetic Stirring Heating Mantel TST-250A
Size: Max. Temperature(℃):380℃ ; Heating power (W): 150W
Note: Cold rolling sheet stretching and spraying exterior.
Category: Others
  NADE Heating Mantle TST-250B
Size: Max. Temperature(℃):380℃ ; Heating power (W):150W
Note: Beautifully shaped, easy to operate and durable and safety.
Category: Others
  NADE Digital Display Heating Mantel TST-250C
Size: Max. Temperature(℃): 380℃ ; Heating power (W): 150W
Note: Featured by anti-corrosion, age-resistant, durable and safe.
Category: Others