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Nade XT-9900A Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction System
Nade XT-9900A Intelligent Microwave Digestion/Extraction System
Size: XT-9900A
Category: Digestion/extractor
Detailed Product Description
1.Intelligent Microwave Digestion
2.good appearance
3.interface design
4.Dual-CPU monitoring
5.Microwave power
Intelligent MicrowaveDigestion Parameter
 1.Microwave in-feed mode: real non-burst variable frequency microwave power adjusts;
  2.Dual-CPU monitoring: dual-CPU interactive monitoring mode, control temperature and pressure automatically and accurately, auto adjust microwave input power. Unique pressure changing rate inhibit function, avoid sample pressure undulate too large;
  3.Microwave power and frequency: adjustable in 1200W (50-100%P), frequency: 2450MHz;
  4.Temperature and pressure control: maximum working temperature: (precision:±1°C); non-contact pressure control range: 0.1-5MPa (precision:±0.01MPa); instrument use the pressure auto control mode which is the safest one;
  5.Operation program: once 9 operation programs can be set, modified, saved and called. Each program (method) has 9 operation steps (phases), time of each step can be set from 1 to 9999s, auto complete and switch between steps; zero and full-range adjustment can auto completed, ensure that the pressure is invariable;
  6.Microwave “Shock” function: a unique pause/start microwave “shock” design, user can turn on the light to check or continue running. When the pressure rising rate is too large(≥0.2MPa/s), microwave will cut off by instrument, after pressure is down, microwave in-feed automatically, which greatly improve the safety and convenience of the operation;
  7.Multiple safety measures, 7 safety measures and their explanation are as the following:
    1)High pressure exterior vessel: PSF exterior vessel with PPS liner, maximum pressure endurance is 6MPa (900 psi);
    2)Overheating protection: when the crate or the external vessel is overheated, instrument will warn and suspend microwave radiation;
     3)Abnormal noise detecting: when there is abnormal noise detecting in the furnace chamber, instrument will warn and cut off microwave automatically;
    4)Overpressure warning: pressure auto matching and control, pressure rising rate auto restrictions, overpressure auto warning;
    5)Forced suspend: once a safety problem occurs, the user can force the instrument to suspend microwave production by ‘emergency stop button’ or ‘remote control’;
    6)Dual pressure reduction by air bleed hole and bursting film: when the gas pressure in the digestion vessel is too large, gas will leak from the air bleed hole; when the pressure is larger than the limit value and the hole can’t leak the air in time, the skirt border of the sealing bowl will broken, then leak gas and reduce pressure;
    7)A protective cover: a high strength protective cover made by PC is fitted before the furnace door, which ensures the absolutely safety of the operator;
Intelligent design  Capital Feature
    unique abnormal noise detecting system, wireless remote control, resistant microwave and visible light interference, abnormal information auto sense, diagnose and display, temperature overheating protection;
Simple operation
    fool-operational menu interface; convenient to set work parameter; error message real-time diagnose and prompt, operation is simple and clear; needs no auxiliary means to open or close digestion vessel;
Standard accessory
    12 sets of high pressure inner vessel, 6 sets of        exterior vessel; 10 sealing bowls; 20 blocks of elastomer; a 12-holes sample-cup holder; a cooling machine;
   1. Power control: real function of ‘non-burst variable frequency microwave power adjusts’.
   2. High intelligence: dual-CPU control, intelligent pressure and temperature control, good accuracy and precision.
   3. Program control: 9 operation programs that parameters (pressure, time and power) are freely set. Instrument can auto variable frequency microwave input by the set parameters, which achieve auto pressure and temperature control.
   4. Multiple safety measures: innovative pressure surge program auto recognition and protection (‘Shock’); abnormal noise detecting protection; oven shell overheating protection; program running pause/start; system failure self-check and warning; power-off by hand, remote control or emergency stop switch; dual pressure reduction by inner vessel’s air bleed hole and bursting film; high strength protective cover.
   5. Easy to operate: instrument self-check begins after being electrified; auto regulate zero and full of pressure, ringing prompt; when abnormal noise is made in the furnace chamber, instrument stop working automatically; once unusual appears, instrument will diagnose and display error message.
   6. Brand-new working interface: menu type interface, operating by hand or remote control, sound prompt, auto prohibit unsuitable operation, simple and easy to learn.