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Nade CW-2000 Ultrasonic-microwave Cooperative Extractor/Reactor
Nade CW-2000 Ultrasonic-microwave Cooperative Extractor/Reactor
Size: CW-2000
Category: Digestion/extractor
1.Ultrasonic-microwave Cooperative Extractor
2.Efficient ultrasonic oscillations
3.500ml treatment capacity
 Ultrasonic-microwave Cooperative Extractor
    This instrument ingeniously puts the sample reactor which fixes on an ultrasonic transducer (50W) into an adjustable power microwave radiation cavity, by a series of electronic auto control technology, achieves three different modes of action: direct ultrasonic, opening microwave and cooperative mode.
· A multiuse instrument: 3 different modes of action include direct ultrasonic, opening microwave and cooperative mode
· Microwave power: 10-800W (adjustable); microwave frequency: 2450MHz
· Ultrasonic power/ frequency: 50W/ 40KHz
· Microwave action mode: nonburst continuous microwave heating
· Ultrasonic action mode: small power ultrasonic transducer directly connect to reactor, low noise, acoustic vibration (energy) efficiency close to 100%
· Microwave power control mode: time control, temperature control and constant power control
· Temperature control: non-contact infrared temperature measurement, in the range of room temperature to 120°C(±1°C).
· Program control: 9 programs can be set. Each program can be set 9 steps, each step may preinstall parameters such as time (1-999s), microwave power, working temperature, action mode control and ultrasonic (on/off).All the parameters are saved by computer, set, modified and called when needed.
· Reactor monitor: real-time video monitor sample reaction state by 4” LCD
· Reactor volume: 100mL, 250mL, 500mL (reactor of special specification can be made according to user’s needs)
 Capability Feature
· Safe and reliable: condition of low temperature and normal pressure, no need to process or buy reactor made by special material, the operation will be safer. Direct ultrasonic vibration has a higher efficiency and lower noise. Microwave leakage is less than 0.3mW/cm2 (national standard is 5 mW/cm2);
· Wide application: widely used in sample pretreatment of organic, inorganic and biology analysis. Especially as a new reactor, it can widely used in university or scientific research unit for them to carry out many significative research operations about chemical reaction, organic synthesis, sample digestion or extraction;
· Unique patent technology: 3 patent technology is used for the instrument (ZL 2004 2 0114391.1; ZL 2004 2 0014392.6; ZL 2004 0114393.0)