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PAL-34S Digital Atago refractometer suitable for measuring the concentration of ethylalcohol water solution
Size: range:0.0 to 45.0%
Note: Model:PAL-34S
Category: Refractometer
PAL-COVID19 Digital Atago refractometer
Size: 55x31x109 mm
Note: Specially designed to measure Ethyl Alcohol% used as sanitizer
Category: Refractometer
PAL-37S Digital Atago Isopropyl alcohol Refractometer
Size: 55x31x109 mm
Note: for measuring the concentration of Isopropyl alcohol water solution
Category: Refractometer
NADE 723S Vis Spectrophotometer (with software)
Size: 47X45X35 cm
Note: Model:723S
Category: Spectrophotometer
NADE portable Digital refractometer LH-T55
Size: 52x44x154mm
Note: Model:LH-T55
Category: Refractometer
NADE Digital Portable Colorimeter  ColorMeter SE
Note: Model:ColorMeter SE
Category: Colorimeter