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NADE ABBE Refractometer 2WAJ
NADE ABBE Refractometer 2WAJ
Size: 2WAJ
Note: Measurement range : 1.3000-1.7000 nD, 0-95% Brix
Category: Abbe Refractometer

Refractometer Detail:
1.It widely used in sugar refining, pharmaceutical, industries,
food, petroleum, chemical industries and geological survey
2.Visual arm, optical reading with dial.
3.Small size, carry easy.
4.Constant temperature water flow.
Measurement range of nD(Refractive index) 1.3000-1.7000
Measurement range of Brix (Dissolved Solids ) 0-95%
Measurement accuracy of ND ±0.0002
Measurement accuracy of Brix   ±0.1%
Display range of Temp 0-50°C
Accuracy of temperature 0.1°C
Size 33cm×80cm×38cm
Net weight 7KG
Gross weight 8 KG

Standard packing:

ABBE Refractometer 2WAJ 1 set
Temperature meter with protective jacket 1 set
standard sample 1 pc
screwdriver 1 pc
power adapter 1 pc
latex tubing 1 pc