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Nade Balance AR4202DCN
Nade Balance AR4202DCN
Size: AR4202DCN
Category: Balance& Scales
Excellent performance:
1.60M ARM high-speed processor
2. Environmental filtering optimization settings
3. Excellent technology micro pipette
4. The latest digital processing technology, fast access to a stable weighing results
Friendly user interface:
1. About cruising-oriented keys
2. SmarTextTM smart software tips
3. Wide viewing angle LCD display Intelligent back light, two-line data
Unique features:
1.18 kinds of weighing units and custom units
2. Key Beep Sound
3. Rich weighing mode
4. Data Synchronization collection tools DDE
5. Density function (for solids, liquids, porous materials, the density test)
6. Built-in under the hook, said hook
7. Standard RS232 communication interface
8. With the date and time of GLP / GMP Print (Built-in clock battery)
Rich application mode:
1. Piece weighing - the application model can calculate the number of items a single weight can be used for inventory control,
      parts, packaging, inspection, distribution and counting and so on.
2. Percentage Weighing - In this mode, first put in the pan on the weight of the sample as a reference, the reference will appear
    as 100% of the weight, then put the other loads will be compared with the reference to the percentage of the weight display.
     This mode is applicable to solvent ratio, product formulations and other applications.
3. Dynamic Weighing - the application model of quality changes for weighing objects, such as mice, volatile substances.
     Set according to need: automatic, semi-automatic and manual.
4. Peak Hold - This feature can capture and display a range of weighing the largest stable reading can be applied to
     testing of raw materials, process quality control and other areas.
5. Density Direct Reading-OHAUS density is by means of Archimedes principle (buoyancy method) to of solid, liquid and
     the density of porous materials. (This feature requires the density of componets
Weighing Capacity(g)
Typical stabilization time
Accuracy class
Automatic external calibration weights purchase
Pan size (mm)
Diameter 180
Gross Weight( kg)
Net Weight (kg)
Packing Measurement (mm)